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Here’s a Jane Austen-inspired romance roleplaying adventure for D&D 5E

P&P goes D&D.

An Unexpected Wedding Invitation is a Jane Austen-inspired romance tabletop roleplaying adventure designed to be played with Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Intended to be used with the popular fantasy roleplaying game D&D 5E, An Unexpected Wedding Invitation is an adventure supplement that takes place during a socialite wedding in which player characters may find friendship, romance and social drama. Taking inspiration from the novels of famous 18th century author Jane Austen – whose best known for writing Pride & Prejudice, a book about the tension between different social clashes and the expectations placed on young people – An Unexpected Wedding Invitation offers players a mixture of romance, drama and even murder mystery.

In the adventure for D&D 5E, the players receive an invitation to attend a high-class wedding which suddenly turns into a mystery when one of the wedding guests is discovered murdered. At the beginning of the adventure, players will be able to create their own characters as well as pick from a selection of six different premade characters. Whilst many other adventures for D&D 5E revolve around combat encounters or solving puzzles, an Unexpected Wedding Invitation focuses more on offering opportunities to roleplay and interact with other characters. However, there is still the mystery of the sinister murder to solve, for those players not as interested in small talk.

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Players will have plenty of chances to meet other characters and form relationships with them, whether rivalries, romance or platonic friendship. Whereas some characters in the tabletop RPG adventure will hit it off, others could end up fighting duels with each other. An Unexpected Wedding Invitation is LGBTQ+ friendly and supports characters of any gender identity and sexual orientation, including characters who aren’t interested in sex and/or romance.

In the adventure, players and game masters will gain access to the full adventure, which includes descriptions of nine fully illustrated non-player characters, a collection of monsters and magical items that players can find and equip. There are also a selection of illustrated maps and a compendium called Intrigues & Intentions.

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An Unexpected Wedding Invitation was created and is set to be published by Midnight Tower, a studio co-founded by games designers Tove and Erik. Artwork for the adventure was created by Alaina Milare – who has previously illustrated for other adventures for D&D 5E such as Before the Stroke of Midnight – and Daniel Kvasznicza, an artist who has worked on several video game series like Assassin’s Creed and Elder Scrolls.

The Kickstarter campaign for An Unexpected Wedding Invitation is live until April 21st, with a pledge of £6 ($7) getting backers a digital copy of the book in June. There is also a pledge for players who might be on a low income, enabling them to pledge £3 ($4) for a PDF copy.

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