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Hitman and Dungeons & Dragons are combined in this RPG book

Cast disguise self and assassinate your target.

Pursue contract killing or otherwise nefarious activities in Dungeons & Dragons with a new supplementary book for D&D 5E.

Called Assassin and Criminal Contract Adventures, the book is designed to be used with the fantasy RPG to provide dungeon masters and players with ways of expressing their more illegal sides. A combination of two books that are available separately - called Assassin Adventures and Criminal Contracts - Assassin and Criminal Contract Adventures contains 22 different potential storylines for players to experience, all themed around hired murder or general criminality. Each one-shot adventure is designed to last around two to four hours and are aimed at characters at level 1 to 7.

Assassin and Criminal Contracts RPG artwork

Using the book’s story summaries, plot hooks and various maps, DMs can organise and run one-shots for their players that are akin to missions from the video game series Hitman, with players being tasked with taking out certain individuals by paid contractors. Alternatively, if assassination is a bit too much for player characters to get their hands dirty with, the party can also tackle adventures around acquiring valuable items from certain locations or other such suspicious activities.

Should the players or DM only be interested in one of these potential options, then they can choose to get the specific book that peaks their interest - whether the contract killings of Assassin Adventures or the burglary featured in Criminal Contracts. Both books are intended to allow DMs to use the elements within to form their own storylines, with the plot points, NPCs and other aspects designed to fit into a variety of different scenarios.

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Assassin and Criminal Contract Adventures was created by Jason Noonan, with the designer’s previous roleplaying game books including The Book of Bounty and Treasure Hunt Adventures, which is also a supplementary book for D&D 5E that features various storylines around finding precious artifacts and pursuing bounties put on dangerous individuals.

The Kickstarter campaign for Assassin and Criminal Contract Adventures is live until December 10th, with a pledge of £30 ($40) getting backers a copy of the physical book in April 2022. Alternatively, backers can get digital copies of either Assassin Adventures or Criminal Contracts in digital PDF form for a pledge of £15 ($20).

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