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Baldur’s Gate 3 actors to play Dungeons & Dragons with High Rollers

Fun in Faerûn.

An image of a Spectator from Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: Larian Studios

The cast of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be playing Dungeons & Dragons with actual play series High Rollers.

Released out of early access in August, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a D&D video game that sees players exploring the Forgotten Realms with a party of adventurers. The third entry in a series that began with the original release in 1998, that was developed by Bioware, Baldur’s Gate 3 was developed by Larian Studios, the company behind the Divinty: Original Sin franchise.

Players can create their own characters or play as one of the pre-existing major characters. When creating their own characters, players can choose between species and classes, as well as customise their appearance. During the game, players will experience an ongoing campaign that will take them across Faerûn, with various combat encounters to fight through, new characters to meet and puzzles to solve.

High Rollers is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play series in which Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes hosts various campaigns, with the cast playing the tabletop roleplaying game either in front of a live audience or for a recording. The group’s next outing will be an adventure with the cast of Baldur’s Gate 3. The voices behind Githyanki fighter Lae’zel, Devora Wilde, elven rogue Astarion, Neil Newbon, human wizard Gale, Tim Downie, tiefling barbarian Karlach, Samantha Beart, half-elf cleric Shadowheart, Jennifer English and human warlock Wyll, Theo Solomon.

Watch on YouTube

The episode will see the cast playing as their Baldur’s Gate 3 characters, with details regarding the story of the adventure yet to be revealed. Wilde has released a video in which the cast are gathered together, including Amelia Tyler, the actor behind the narration for the video game: with a potential for her also joining in the oneshot.

High Rollers and the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast will be playing the Dungeons & Dragons adventure on Twitch at Friday (22nd) 7pm BST.

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