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D&D’s beholders star in RPG supplement Big Eye Chungus

Flying meatballs of doom.

Prepare to encounter a rogue’s gallery of beholders – the classic Dungeons & Dragons monster – in the tabletop roleplaying game supplement Big Eye Chungus.

Focused on the flying, many eyed creatures from D&D lore, Big Eye Chungus is a supplement designed to be played with various tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons. The supplement features a variety of beholders, as well as scenarios in which players might meet them.

Beholders are notorious for being dangerous monsters that many adventuring parties won’t encounter until they’re of a higher level, with their most notable features being their one enormous eye – which is surrounded by smaller eyes on stalks – alongside the fact that they’re basically floating blobs. Besides being exceptionally long-lived and intelligent, perhaps the most dangerous aspect of beholders is that they’re often very accomplished in spellcasting, with each of their eyes being capable of casting its own enchantment.

Pages for Big Eye Chungus TRPG supplement.

Big Eye Chungus takes things a step further by providing a range of beholders, each with their own unique personalities, styles and abilities. An example of one of the beholder variants found in the fantasy TRPG supplement is the Clockwork Chungus, which is strange-looking creature shaped like the face of a clock with its eyes being made from metal and glass, rather than flesh and bone. Other content found in the supplement includes important information about beholders – especially that every single Big Eye Chungus is a Dick – including their tactics in battle and how players should approach the task of taking one down, if they’re foolish enough to do so.

Besides the advice and variants, Big Eye Chungus features a collection of adventure hooks for game masters to use to include a beholder in their campaigns or one-shots. GMs and players will also have access to a selection of charts and options to spice up their encounters with beholders even more, making the already exciting monster even more thrilling and terrifying.

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Big Eye Chungus was created by Levi Combs, who has previously created TRPG supplements such as Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride, The Phylactery series and Escape from Skullcano Island. The artwork for Big Eye Chungus was made by Cheese Hasselberger, an artist who has worked on other tabletop RPG related projects such as the Dungeons & Dwagons comic book series.

The Kickstarter campaign for Big Eye Chungus is live until August 24th, with a pledge of $15 (£13) getting backers a physical copy of the zine in November. Otherwise, a digital version is available for a pledge of $10 (£9).

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