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Dungeons & Dragons players can adopt pets with this RPG supplement

Including weasels and giant crabs.

Adopt adorable and terrifying pets during games of Dungeons & Dragons 5E with a new supplement called Can We Keep It?.

Designed to be used with the fantasy tabletop RPG, D&D 5E, Can We Keep It? enables players to find and take in an entire menagerie of creatures on their journeys, regardless of their class or species. From smaller animals like weasels to larger creatures like warhorses – and even monstrous beings like giant crabs - players can adopt companions of all sorts. Creatures from the elemental planes, such as bubble puppies or mud cats, are also included in the supplement’s pet options and will provide player characters with some extra help should trouble ever arise thanks to their unique abilities.

Whenever players encounter an animal or creature that they might want to take on in the tabletop RPG, then Can We Keep It? has a segment specifically designed to help walk game masters through the process of encountering and befriending. The book guide will enable GMs to determine how the creature fits into the party and how loyal they might be, with both the GM and the player sharing roleplaying responsibilities over the beast. Alternatively, player characters will have the option to purchase or adopt domestic animals, with the chance to teach them little tricks and behaviours – but nothing quite as unique or as potent as what a Ranger is capable of with their animal companion.

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Besides the pet adoption elements, Can We Keep It? also features game mechanics around random encounters, providing GMs with ways to have their players stumble upon some more interesting scenarios than just running into a group of angry bandits. Can We Keep It? includes a mini-adventure called The Lady of Rust, which revolves around a noble whose litter of pet rust monsters might be connected to a recent situation with the local silver mines.

Can We Keep It? was created by a team of people including designers Tyler Omichinski, Jensen Toperzer, Jacob Gobhar, Connors and Lupine Will Gawned, illustrators Rafael Benjamin, Herman Lau, Cat Lu and Guilherme Sommermeyer and cartography from Dyson Logos.

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EN Publishing is the studio responsible for releasing the RPG supplement, a company that has previously published TRPGs such as War of the Burning Sky - a dark fantasy adventure for D&D 5E – and the action comedy RPG Awfully Cheerful Engine!. Can We Keep It? was originally featured in the En5ider Magazine, a tabletop RPG publication written by RPG authors such as Ryan Nock (War of the Burning Sky) and James Introcaso (Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount).

The Kickstarter campaign for Can We Keep It? is live until May 9th, with a pledge of £7 ($) getting backers a copy of the PDF version in May.

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