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Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace brings a touch of Howl’s Moving Castle to your D&D 5E campaign

Including maps from Critical Role cartographer.

A new Dungeons & Dragons 5E supplement will introduce a walking shop - with more than a touch of Studio Ghibli classic Howl’s Moving Castle - to your next campaign.

Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace is a supplement from publisher Unlimited Realms designed around the titular marketplace-on-legs, which can be dropped in wholesale to an ongoing D&D 5E campaign as it roams into an existing setting.

As well as background details and lore on the location itself, the upcoming RPG book comes stocked with a catalogue of more than 200 magical items, spread between a variety of different shops staffed by original NPC merchants.

The 200-page book also includes four additional species for use in character creation including the forest-spirit Dryathrall, demonic Nomadic Fiends, Gold Elementals and shape-shifting Yokai.

There are four new subclasses for player characters to embody, too, centred around the Walking Marketplace’s trade-focused nature. The new classes include Treasure Hunters, Black-Market Dealers, members of the School of the Broken Equation - who can even haggle with deities - and those pledged to the Oath of Profits.

Contributing to the book is Deven Rue, the official cartographer for D&D actual play series Critical Role, whose maps will lay out the setting alongside art from more than 25 illustrators.

While Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace can be used as a standalone location, the sourcebook will include a self-contained adventure that can similarly be dropped into an existing campaign. Players can earn loyalty with members of the various factions, as well as picking up unique side quests during their journey.

Cyran's Magnificent Walking Marketplace is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, ahead of a planned release in February 2023.

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