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Create cowpeople and fox-characters in The Delver’s Guide to Beast World, a supplement for D&D

From bovines to vulpines.

Make anthropomorphic heroes with tails, ears and hooves in The Delver’s Guide to Beast World, a new supplementary sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Designed to be used with the popular fantasy roleplaying game D&D 5E, The Delver’s Guide to Beast World is a sourcebook containing 24 playable species inspired by various anthropomorphised versions of animals such as foxes, dogs, cows and many more. From the sturdy Bovine - whose impressive strength enables them to carry otherwise unwieldy weaponry - to the crafty Vulpines who have the uncanny ability to make the right choices at the right time, players have a wide variety of species to choose from.

Players will also have the option to pick from specific versions of a species via the Homelands system, which offers further unique options based on where the player character comes from. For example, a Bovine character might have different personality attributes, experiences and equipment if they’re from one area of Beast World, then if they grew up in another.

The Delver's Guide to Beast World RPG artwork 2

Once they have made their RPG character, players will then be able to have them become part of a stronghold made up of a caravan of wagons. Players can customise their wagon to fit their needs - from weaponry to interior design - with the adventuring group’s wagon becoming a literal member of the party.

Using their wagon, the party can then explore Beast World in search of quests, shops and general adventure, or otherwise seek an entrance into the enormous underground dungeon that spans the entirety of Beast World. The setting has five different homelands to experience - from the green Kingdom of Allemance to the frost-bitten Lodge Houses of Oria. The Delver’s Guide to Beast World sourcebook contains details on real-world aspects that inspired its various locales, with the creative team’s different cultural backgrounds attributing to the setting’s diversity.

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The Delver’s Guide to Beast World was written and created by Dean Dixon, as well as editor and lead layout artist Lexi Fox, lead artist and cultural consultant Stasya Danilova and graphic design lead Kay Drzewiecki. Heartleaf Games - a publisher collectively founded by the creative team behind The Delver’s Guide to Beast World - will be publishing the D&D 5E supplement, with this being the studio’s first release.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Delver’s Guide to Beast World is live until September 30th, with a pledge of $50 (£37) getting backers a physical copy of the sourcebook that’s set to arrive in April 2022. Otherwise, a digital PDF version of the sourcebook can be obtained for a pledge of $20 (£15).

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