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Dungeons & Dragons disability representation focus of Limitless Heroics supplement

For inclusive campaigns.

Create, run and play campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons 5E featuring characters with disabilities, neurodivergence and mental illnesses using Limitless Heroics.

A supplement for the fantasy roleplaying game, Limitless Heroics: Including Characters with Disabilities, Mental Illness and Neurodivergence in Fifth Edition enables players to create characters who have symptoms that may affect various aspects of their lives. Featuring over 450 symptoms of disabilities, neurodivergence and mental illness, Limitless Heroics is intended to support greater representation and understanding within the tabletop roleplaying game industry and community.

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Players and Dungeon Masters will be able to reference the real world examples featured within the supplement to help them to better represent their characters’ symptoms within the roleplaying game, alongside tutorials that discuss why and how these symptoms should be represented within D&D 5E. Players will be able to select from the symptoms included within the supplement, as well as using an online generator, which have been written using the experiences of “dozens of people with diverse symptoms” to ensure that representations are accurate and sensitive.

The symptoms tables featured within the supplement will help players and DMs to select their characters’ symptoms, as well as how often and strongly they manifest. Limitless Heroics also includes almost 100 magical items that are designed to assist those with symptoms to pursue their various quests and adventures more easily.

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The creative team behind the Limitless Heroics supplement is made up of writers, editors and artists with disabilities, neurodivergence and/or mental illness or chronic illnesses. Limitless Heroics is set to be published by Wyrmworks Publishing, a studio that’s dedicated to improving the representation of disabilities, neurodiversity and mental illness within the tabletop gaming industry and community.

The Kickstarter campaign for Limitless Heroics: Including Characters with Disabilities, Mental Illness and Neurodivergence is set to be launched on January 4th (tomorrow), with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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