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Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp featured in official D&D musical event

Are they all bards?

A live performance of the first ever official Dungeons & Dragons musical is set to take place this weekend.

Entitled The Circus of Sound - a D&D Musical, the show is part of an online event called D&D Celebration 2021 in which various streaming events take place over the course of a weekend. The Circus of Sound features a party of celebrities who are known for their musical and acting talents playing a session of the roleplaying game with a twist - that music and singing will be featured alongside the usual roleplaying and dice-rolling.

The celebrities set to take part in the event are writer and dungeon master Kelly D’Angelo, Anthony Rapp, an actor who is best known for Star Trek: Discovery and his performance in the Broadway production of the musical Rent, Jason C Miller - lead vocalist for the band Godhead and a voice actor who has appeared in video games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake - actor, producer and writer Azie Mira Dungey (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Transparent actor Vico Ortiz and Mariah Rose Faith, who has appeared in the National Tour production of the Mean Girls musical and has worked with theatre company Starkid.

It is not confirmed whether The Circus of Sound will be focused within the same setting as The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which is the latest campaign for D&D 5E that takes place in the strange and fantastical world of the Feywilds, or what viewers can expect in regards to the musical aspect of the event.

Other shows set to take place during the D&D Celebration 2021 include a Disco Does D&D - which will also feature Anthony Rapp alongside several of the actor's co-stars from Star Trek: Discovery - a look at the next upcoming Dungeons & Dragons 5E sourcebook Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, which is based in the same universe as the Magic: The Gathering university, as well as a overview of what players can expect from the gem dragon focused sourcebook Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

A Dungeon Master Challenge, in which DMs from around the world compete against one another to run the best possible RPG session, will see its winner crowned on September 26th during the D&D Celebration 2021 event.

The Circus of Sound - A D&D Musical is set to be streamed online on Saturday 25th September at 4pm PDT (12:00am BST).

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