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Elden Ring D&D stat blocks let you fight Malenia, Radahn and more in 5E

Let Me So-roll Her.

Image credit: Bandai Namco

Already beaten every boss in Elden Ring and looking for a new challenge? How about taking them on again in Dungeons & Dragons 5E? Well, you can now do just that thanks to a fan-made set of D&D 5E stat blocks for all of the video game’s demigods.

Elden Ring fan and Reddit user u/Yrolc95 has created full 5E conversions for Morgott, Radahn, Mohg, Rykard, Godrick and, of course, Malenia, allowing players to take on the punishingly difficult bosses in the tabletop RPG. (Thanks, TechRadar.)

Each of the D&D stat blocks is faithful to the demigods’ appearance in Elden Ring, converting their signature moves for use in 5E combat - including Malenia’s diving Waterfowl Dance and passive ability to regain health as she deals damage, Godrick’s fire-breathing Dragon Head, and Starscourge Radahn’s destructive Meteor Crash.

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Several of the bosses also include skills that replicate the different phases of their boss fights in Elden Ring, introducing new abilities and changing their moveset after they take enough damage to present a new challenge to players. Meanwhile, Rykard’s God-Devouring Serpent form looks to recreate the burning magma of his boss arena by inflicting fire damage on anyone who gets too close.

The D&D 5E conversions for each of the Elden Ring bosses are laid out like familiar 5E stat blocks, including details such as speed, range, and even their alignment and languages alongside their combat skills.

The homebrew creations are an impressive and detailed way to bring some of the most memorable fights of Elden Ring into your next campaign. Like the video game, though, don’t expect an easy fight - Malenia’s Waterfowl Dance deals a whopping 8d12 + 32 damage, making her just as deadly in D&D. Time to roll up Let Me Solo Her as an NPC, perhaps.

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