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Goblins and beholders get upgraded in this D&D monster supplement

Flee Mortals!

Introduce 300 new monsters into games of Dungeons & Dragons with a new tabletop roleplaying game supplement.

Featuring a bestiary of new and upgraded versions of classic D&D monsters, Flee Mortals! The MCDM Monster Book is an upcoming RPG supplement that provides game masters with a batch of fresh enemy ideas. Focused on a collection of terrifying and formidable monsters, Flee Mortals! looks to offer seasoned GMs and players a greater challenge than they might be used to, with a varied selection of recognisable creatures and new beasts to encounter.

Designed to be used with the popular fantasy TRPG D&D 5E, Flee Mortals! Contains monsters that are intended to provide more exciting versions of their classic archetypes. For example, the action-oriented monsters found in Flee Mortals! present a more serious challenge than standard monsters otherwise found in Dungeons & Dragons. Action-oriented monsters get special villain actions that enable them to act even when it’s not their turn and have less of a reliance on a spell collection.

Flee Mortals! RPG page preview

Rather than having a large amount of monsters that use a lot of spells – which tends to make controlling them more complicated – the creatures found in Flee Mortals! use a collection of combat abilities whose details are listed in a single paragraph.

The Flee Mortals! book features varied versions of a monster type such as several different kinds of goblin, from those that ride enormous spiders to a goblin queen who cuts into battle with a ferocity not seen in other goblin fighters. A bestiary of minions is included in the tabletop RPG book, which enable player characters the opportunity to wade through waves of smaller creatures. Player characters get access to a selection of new companion creatures to ally with, as well as an entire class built around having pets.

Flee Mortals! The MCDM Monster Book was created and is set to be published by MCDM Productions, a studio that has already released several supplements for D&D 5e including Strongholds and Followers – which enables player characters to design and develop their own bases – and Kingdoms and Warfare, a supplement that adds a variety of hierarchal roles to the RPG.

The Kickstarter campaign for Flee Mortals! The MCDM Monster Book is now live.

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