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Folk-horror D&D 5E campaign setting The Crooked Moon channels The Witch, Midsommar and The Wicker Man

From the folks behind actual play series Legends of Avantris.

Image credit: Legends of Avantris

An upcoming Dungeons & Dragons 5E supplement will aim to bring the folk-horror vibes of classics like The Wicker Man, along with modern movies The Witch and Midsommar, to your next D&D campaign.

The Crooked Moon draws from across both European and American folklore in its atmospheric setting of Druskenvald, a realm perpetually stuck in the spooky nighttime between dusk and the witching hour.

Players will be able to explore the setting in an adventure designed for characters from first-level up to level 13, which tasks the party with overcoming a mysterious ancient Fae goddess known as The Crooked Queen.

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The book will offer ways to influence the setting via your own characters’ backstories using The Crooked Moon’s Fateweaving System, a tool that aims to let DMs incorporate characters’ motivations and pasts into the readymade scenario.

Inhabiting Druskenvald are dozens of original monsters inspired by folklore and superstition, which players will be able to face as over a dozen new characters subclasses. Those subclasses include the Grim Harbinger Ranger, Horned King Patron Warlock and Oath of Castigation Paladin, which all sound like bands I would’ve listened to in my teenage years. (Who am I kidding, I’d listen to them now.)

Characters will also have more a dozen Druskenvald-based lineages to help bring their story to the setting, with the ability to take on over a dozen new feats, discover over two dozen artefacts, wield more than three dozen spells - many with occult powers - and inflict over 130 Twists of Dread, curses than are said to veer into both nightmarish potential and hilarious chaos.

Image credit: Legends of Avantris

Behind The Crooked Moon are the team responsible for D&D 5E actual play series Legends of Avantris, who have drawn from their own Edge of Midnight campaign for the upcoming supplement’s adventure and setting.

The Avantris crew have also teamed up with The Blasting Company, the composers of the soundtrack for acclaimed early noughties Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall, to produce an original score for The Crooked Moon.

The score will be offered as part of The Crooked Moon’s Kickstarter campaign due to launch in early October, alongside the supplement itself, a custom tarot deck and 11 miniatures to represent bosses during their multi-phase battles with players.

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