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Phasmophobia and D&D collide in this ghostly RPG supplement

Spirits! A haunted roleplaying game!

Hunt ghosts and escape angry spirits in an upcoming roleplaying game supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Grizelda’s Guide to Ghost Hunting is a collection of resources designed to be used with the popular fantasy RPG D&D 5E. In the supplement, players and game masters will find supernatural themed content that can be implemented into their Dungeons & Dragons one-shots or campaigns. Rather than just focusing on “trying not to get possessed,” the tools in Grizelda’s Guide enable players to create characters who have been touched by something or someone from the other side, such as the Haunted Accomplice subclass for rogues – which enables that player character to call upon an undead friend to aid them in their adventures.

Player characters will also be facing supernatural enemies in Grizelda’s Guide, including The Unshackled, which is a group of angry and restless spirits who have escaped their prison within a magical item – most likely with the help of some unsuspecting adventurer or party member – and seek to take out their fury on whomever is unlucky enough to have crossed their path. Besides fighting ghosts, players may also find themselves attempting to track down and contain various spirits too. The Metaphysical Investigation Collective works in a similar fashion to the organisation found in the popular video game Phasmophobia, with players working together to identify and survive incorporeal members of the undead.

Grizelda's Guide to Ghost Hunting RPG artwork 2

When players join the Collective, they’ll be expected to fulfil the organisation’s goals of understanding, investigating and sometimes even benefiting from the existence of the paranormal. Players can choose to support several of the diverging groups found within the Collective – depending on which areas interest them and whether they find those areas morally sound – once they’ve managed to gain membership through a successful ghost hunt, of course. As the adventuring party completes more and more contracts for the Collective, they’ll advance in rank and acquire access to new equipment, abilities, spells, allies and responsibilities. If players are ambitious enough, they could even vie for the position of leadership over the Collective.

Grizelda’s Guide to Ghost Hunting was created by Travis Gray, whose previous roleplaying game Kickstarter campaigns include supplements for D&D 5E Fey Encounters – which adds a collection of random encounters across the Feywilds – and The Wondrous Tome of Wands.

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Phasmophobia is an indie video game in which players work together to investigate a haunted location in order to identify what kind of ghost has taken up residence there. Players can use various pieces of equipment to gain clues and piece together the information they need to complete their job. There are also optional objectives that players can pursue, however, they’ll have to be careful not to be murdered by the ghost whenever it gets angry.

The Kickstarter campaign for Grizelda’s Guide to Ghost Hunting is set to be launched sometime soon, with pledge amounts and estimated delivery dares yet to be confirmed.

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