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Dungeons & Dragons supplement, Just Dessert, has gumdrop mountains and pastry bears

Death by chocolate.

Embark on a delicious adventure into a world of sweets and treats in Just Dessert, a supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Designed to be used with the popular fantasy roleplaying game, Just Dessert is set in the world of Eton Creme, an adorable little hamlet where food literally comes alive. The town itself is nestled amongst mountains made of gumdrops covered in ice cream and icing, whilst the rest of the area features some mouthwatering points of interest such as custard fjords, a marshmallow glacier and a sugar marsh. Populating these sweet habitats are also dessert-themed creatures and animals like grizzly bears made from pastry and gummy salmon fish, as well as crocodiles that look as delicious as they are deadly.

In this campaign for D&D 5E, the players can create characters - or use existing ones - of 1st level, with the adventure designed to support characters up to 8th level. During the supplement, the player characters arrive in the land of Eton Creme in hopes of having a pleasant stay, only to discover that the creator of a wondrous dessert called baked eton creme, Esmeralda Thatch, has fallen ill and may not survive much longer. The children of Thatch have asked the player characters to help them challenge Death itself to a baking competition, with the prize being Thatch’s very life.

Just Dessert RPG artwork

The players will need to work together to use the smorgasbord of ingredients surrounding them in order to impress Death by creating the tastiest treats ever imagined, thereby saving Thatch from an untimely end. There are five different areas to explore in the supplement, which contain 16 different creatures to encounter.

Just Dessert was written by Jacky Leung, a contributor to games such as Pathfinder: Second Edition and a creator of their own RPGs like the intimate Life to Your Heart, with editing by Ashton Duncan, who has recently edited for the horror RPG Paranormal Inc, cover art from Erika Hollice and interior art from Lucille Nual.

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The Secret Cat Shop, a company that produces and sells various accessories themed around roleplaying games and RPGs such as What Waits Beneath and Delve: A Solo Map Drawing Game , is publishing the D&D 5E supplement.

The Kickstarter campaign for Just Dessert is live until October 19th, with a pledge of £22 ($26) getting backers a copy of the physical book in February 2022. Alternatively, a digital copy is available for a pledge of £18 ($24).

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