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Minecraft mobs now have official D&D stat blocks - and you can download them for free today

Take on Creepers, Endermen and Ender Dragons.

Ever wondered if your D&D character could take on an explosive creeper or the fearsome Ender Dragon from Minecraft? Wonder no longer, because a free supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5E has granted Minecraft mobs with official stat blocks for the tabletop RPG - and you can download it right now.

Monstrous Compendium Volume Three: Minecraft Creatures includes five mobs seen in the hugely popular video game, including the home-wrecking Creeper, creepy Enderman and intimidating final boss Ender Dragon.

The tome adapts the mobs as seen in the video game for use in D&D 5E, including complete stat blocks, abilities, keywords, challenge ratings and more. The Enderman page details its Evasive Teleportation whenever it’s attacked and Implosion upon death, as well as mentioning that its language is Endspeech and its morality is “Typically Chaotic Neutral”. It has an AC of 14 and a challenge rating of 6, if you’re tempted to take one on.

According to Wizards of the Coast designer Dan Dillon, the Minecraft creatures don’t necessarily stick to D&D’s standard action system, but instead hew closer to their appearance and behaviour in the video game.

The Ender Dragon entry, for example, includes a box explaining how it interacts with the End crystals found in Minecraft that heal and resurrect it, with separate stats for the End crystals themselves if players decide to destroy them. (You’ll need to make a DC 15 Dex saving throw to avoid taking 21 (6d6) damage!)

Like other D&D bestiaries, the book also provides some lore and background on each monster. The artwork also gives us a look inside each bisected mob, revealing that creepers have TNT blocks for guts next to their cuboid skeleton.

Dillon said that the monsters are designed for players to drop into their ongoing D&D games as a “surprise for players”.

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The book is the third instalment in D&D 5E’s Monstrous Compendium series, following last year’s volumes that brought monsters from the Spelljammer and Dragonlance settings to Fifth Edition.

Like those volumes, the Minecraft Creatures compendium will be free to download via D&D Beyond from today, March 28th.

The release of the Minecraft Creatures Monstrous Compendium precedes another crossover between the video game and tabletop RPG in a fully-featured Dungeons & Dragons Minecraft DLC campaign, due to release later this spring.

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