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Dinosaurs invade Dungeons & Dragons in this supplementary campaign

Sorcery in the stone age.

Encounter prehistoric creatures and people whilst playing Dungeons & Dragons in the supplementary campaign, Planegea.

Inspired by primordial history and stone age aesthetics, Planegea is a D&D supplement that takes place in a world untouched by civilisation and technology, where enormous dinosaurs roam the land and people are forced to survive in the harsh wilderness. Instead of the classic fantasy RPG setting that Dungeons & Dragons is best known for, Planegea posits a world populated by wooly mammoths, T-Rex and other prehistoric monsters, with the various humans, dwarves and elves having to live amongst them.

A world covered in thick jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes and muggy swamps, Planegea is a dangerous setting for any roleplaying party to explore, luckily enough, its people are hardy enough to withstand it.

Planagea characters artwork

Humans are trained beast-tamers, able to mount up on several of the ferocious creatures that prey on them, with the elves capable of walking between dreams and the dwarves literally being made of stone. Alternatively, players can create a halfling who’s a master of stealth, a gnome that’s knowledgeable in the ways of scavenging or a dragonborn who can harness the power of their draconic blood.

Using the Planegea setting, players will be able to create their own characters to inhabit the unforgiving world, with dungeon masters having access to the information they need to plan and run their own campaigns.

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Planegea is being published by Atlas Games, a studio that has previously released other RPGs such as Magical Kitties Save the Day - the family-friendly roleplaying game about being sorcerous cats performing heroic deeds - as well as board games like the Gloom series of storytelling games and the dexterity team game, Breakdancing Meeples.

The Kickstarter campaign for Planegea is set to be launched sometime in September, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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