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Vampires stalk the streets in this Penny Dreadful themed D&D 5E supplement

Cheap thrills & chills.

Introduce creatures of the night to tabletop roleplaying game campaigns and sessions with The Penny Dreadful’s Fanged Fables supplement for D&D 5E.

A set of adventures designed to be used with the fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Fanged Fables is themed around the iconic gothic monster vampires. A collection of five mini-adventures, Fanged Fables is intended to be played with low to mid-level characters – between third and 13th level – as breaks between larger campaigns or as one-shot sessions. Fanged Fables also enables game masters to add vampire encounters, characters or general vampire-themed content into their existing storylines.

The first of the adventures is called It Takes a Village and centers around a group of villagers who are terrorised by a necromancer who has spawned an army of vampires. Players come together to help protect the village from the vampire’s hunger and investigate whatever artefact the necromancer is attempting to steal from the citizens.

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The Abbey sees the party discovering an abbey and asking the nuns housed within whether they can spend the night there. However, the nuns are reluctant to let the player characters in, but eventually do despite the terrible dangers that await them inside. In Deadly Games, the player characters are captured by a vampiric court and forced to escape the castle, whilst taking whatever treasures they can find.

Packs of vicious blood-sucking animals have been stalking the roads outside a town at night in The Feral Garden adventures, with the locals falsely blaming the attacks on a druid living in the surrounding forests. The last adventure – entitled Orc Blood – sees vampirism spreading across a tribe of orcs hidden within a mountain.

Penny Dreadful: Cheap Thrills was created and is set to be published by Luna Publishing, which has previously released several horror-themed RPG products such as Dollmaker and Memento Mori.

Curse of Strahd Revamped DnD RPG layout

Dungeons & Dragons has previously featured vampires in its Curse of Strahd adventure, which was recently re-released for D&D 5E as Curse of Strahd: Revamped, and last year’s D&D 5E sourcebook Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which provides both dungeon masters and players with an overview of the gothic town of Ravenloft and its many inhabitants – both good and bad.

The Kickstarter campaign for Penny Dreadful’s Fanged Fables is live until April 29th with a pledge of $1 (£1) getting backers a copy of the digital PDF in May.

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