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Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder designers team-up on RPG book for D&D 5E

Be a mischief-maker with the planebreaker.

A new roleplaying game book for Dungeons & Dragons 5E has been created by a team of D&D and Pathfinder veterans.

Path of the Planebreaker is an RPG book that’s designed to be used with D&D 5E, in which the player characters explore different planes, dimensions and demi-worlds via the planebreaker. A construct of unknown origin, the planebreaker flies through the entire expanse of space and time providing brave adventurers an opportunity to cross between entire dimensions. Walking down The Path created by the planebreaker will see characters entering new worlds and discovering fresh adventures.

Alternatively, player characters can even visit the planebreaker itself, which is also home to a strange city called Timeborne. The original builders behind Timeborne are unknown, with the place being home to a community of people who have either been swept onto the planebreaker or deliberately sought refuge there - from dimensional merchants to explorers travelling across the planes - with species ranging from celestials to humans to infernals.

Planebreaker RPG artwork 2

As characters in this fantasy RPG world, the players’ party will be able to take on unique subclasses featured in the Path of the Planebreaker book. Potential subclasses include the defacer wizard - who has an aberrant familiar - the shadow-stitched rogue whose shadow is a creature from another plane and the cosmic judge warlock, a subclass that has made a pact with the spirit of the multiverse. Other species are also included in the book such as the inkarnates - who are winged people who have a connection with a being or belief from another plane - and the planetouched travelers.

The Path of the Planebreaker was co-created by Bruce R Cordell, a designer who has previously worked on four editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Sean K Reynolds - who has also written for D&D, as well as the Pathfinder series - and Monte Cook, an RPG designer whose previous contributions to D&D include writing for the Planeswalker’s Handbook and Planes of Conflict.

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Monte Cook Games is the studio responsible for publishing The Path of the Planebreaker book, with the company being best known for Numenera - a sci-fi themed roleplaying game that has players picking up the pieces of lost ancient civilisations on different planets - and the kid-friendly RPG, No Thank you, Evil!.

The Kickstarter campaign for Path of the Planebreaker is live until November 20th, with a pledge of $55 (£40) getting backers a copy of the physical book that’s estimated to arrive in August 2022. Alternatively, a digital PDF version of the game is available for a pledge of $25 (£19).

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