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Play as Stranger Things characters in Dungeons & Dragons with free supplement

Make your own Hellfire Club.

Play as key characters from the latest season of Stranger Things with a new supplement for tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

A free supplement designed to be used with the tabletop RPG D&D 5E, provides players and game masters with a selection of character sheets based on various characters from season four of the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Created by freelance game designer and consultant for Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast – as well as the D&D 5E actual play show Critical Role - Anthony Joyce-Rivera, who posted the free PDF link via his Twitter account, the supplement enables players to become one of several important characters from the sci-fi show. Players can either choose to use the character sheets for their own player characters, or the GM can utilise the sheets in their campaigns or one-shots of Dungeons & Dragons 5E by making non-player-characters for their players to interact with.

Featured in the supplement for the fantasy TRPG are recurring characters Steve “The Hair” Harrington and Dustin Henderson, as well as two new characters introduced in Stranger Things: Season Four – Argyle and Eddie Munson. Formatted in a fashion that’s reminiscent of the classic D&D 5E character sheet style, each PDF features ability scores, stats for qualities like saving throws and actions unique to every character.

Joyce-Rivera has made sure to include fun references and details for fans of the show, such as the fact that Steve Harrington is apparently fluent in “all five love languages,” Munson has a reaction called “Master of Puppets” where he plays a warlock guitar, Dustin’s “Turn Around...Look At What You See” reaction and that Argyle has a legendary action that enables him to summon surfer boys.

The creator has also snuck in some of his own opinions on the characters in their sheets, such as the fact that Steve Harrington is a “fan favourite” with the adage that “Netflix, don’t you dare kill our Steve!”

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Stranger Things is a Netflix television series that first aired in 2016 that follows the unusual events happening in the small fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, US, during the 1980s. The series features plenty of references to ‘80s pop culture such as music of the period – which has recently resulted in Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill reaching the number one position in the streaming charts – and Dungeons & Dragons, which several of the characters play throughout the show and is regularly referenced in key plot elements.

Joyce-Rivera has teased that he will be releasing more D&D 5E character sheets based on Stranger Things characters in the future.

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