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The Goblings is an adorable RPG adventure for D&D 5E

Brains and spawn.

Becoming a roleplaying party entirely made up of goblins in a new adventure supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5E called The Goblings.

Designed to be played with the fantasy roleplaying game, The Goblings sees players becoming a newly spawned collection of adorable little goblins who have been sent out into the world on their very first quest. As a member of goblin society, players must prove themselves by venturing out of their nest in search of something special for their queen by the break of day. However, life outside is dangerous for a tiny goblin, so players will have to use all their wits to survive the night and succeed at their task.

The roleplaying game adventure begins with the player characters first emerging as baby goblins - or goblings, as they’re known in the nest - from the spawning pool, before the games master provides them with their quest. In the initial half-hour, players have the opportunity to explore the goblin encampment in search of useful stuff and information about what the queen might want.

The Goblings RPG layout

In the second stage of the adventure, the player characters must leave the safety of their home to venture into the forest in search of something nice to bring back for their queen. With a limited time-frame, the players must make haste in finding whatever elements they need for their gift, whilst being sure to remain wary of any potential dangers that lurk between the trees.

Finally, the third stage of The Goblings has the players finishing any assembling they may need to do to create their finished offering. Once assembled, the goblins will need to hurry back home to present their gift to the queen, with the hopes that Her Great Unpleasantness will like their creation, otherwise they might spend the rest of their goblin lives at the bottom of society in the most wretched positions possible. Once the players have finished this adventure, there are two more one-shot scenarios - which are designed to be played within a single session - featured within The Goblings book as well.

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The story and artwork for the Goblings was created by Bodie H, the designer behind several pieces of RPG featured within the Slowquest collection, including a book of ideas for canine characters in D&D 5E called Dog Wizards and a module for the horror roleplaying game Mothership, called Aurora.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Goblings is live until December 21st, with a pledge of €8 getting backers a copy of the digital PDF version of the book in April 2022.

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