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Hot Ones interview show inspired this RPG adventure for D&D 5E

One spicy meatball.

A new supplement for the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons 5E takes inspiration from the interview show Hot Ones.

An upcoming tabletop RPG supplement for D&D 5E, Too Hot One Shot is an adventure that takes various cues from Hot Ones, a YouTube series that invites various celebrities to chat about their current projects, their careers and their lives whilst eating a collection of spicy chicken wings.

Featuring famous guests such as comedy duo Key & Peele, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and actors such as James Franco and Bryan Cranston, Hot Ones sees celebrities attempting to respond to questions from host and co-creator of the show Sean Evans whilst their mouths are being burned by hot sauce. Guests who fail to complete each line-up of sauces for that season get their names placed on the Wall-Most Made it wall, with the show currently in its 19th season.

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Designed to be used with the fantasy TRPG Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Too Hot One Shot sees players experiencing an otherwise standard game of D&D but with the inclusion of fiery spicy sauce. Rather than having the tension ramp up via the introduction of greater threats and harder challenges, the Too Hot One Shot has players sweat it out by consuming increasingly hotter varieties of spicy sauce, with each increase in heat representing a step-up in the stakes of the adventure.

Intended to take around three to four hours to complete, the Too Hot One Shot will challenge players to attempt to influence their character’s actions and chances by eating more hot sauce, raising the difficulty and their temperature. Despite being designed for the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons 5E, the Too Hot One Shot can be adapted to be used within virtually any TRPG that involves players having to roll dice in order to achieve success.

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The Too Hot One Shot was co-created by Matthew Brown and Derrick Saunders – co-host of the roleplaying game podcast How Not to DM - of the studio Fireball Forge, with this being the publisher’s first Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Too Hot One Shot is currently live until December 7th, with a pledge of $4 (£4) getting backers a copy of the digital PDF version of the oneshot in December.

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