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Finding Atlantis looks like a Battleship board game upgrade with app-assisted undersea exploration

Periscope way, way down.

Finding Atlantis board game spill, featuring hidden information, deduction and exploration mechanics.
Image credit: HYBR/Synapse Games

Outmanoeuvre opponents in your search for a city on the bottom of the ocean in upcoming board game Finding Atlantis. This competitive title combines hidden movement and app-assisted exploration across a purported 1 million unique map combinations.

Finding Atlantis, designed by Andreas Wilde, sends player-controlled submarines into the cold, briny depths armed with advanced technology (for the fictional time period) and a burning desire to be the first captain to discover the legendary Atlantis. Winning will involve deductive reasoning as you track the possible movement of your opponents on a hidden board while keeping your own location a secret from saboteurs.

Tools, equipment and crew abilities are represented by a hand of cards that only refill when your submarine surfaces for air and supplies. Press your luck by staying under as long as possible or stay versatile by planning frequent trips topside to refill your hand. Explorers must play two cards every turn, either gathering information from their sonar, periscope and radiograph or moving their submarine to an adjacent space. They may also drop mines in their wake to deter stragglers or search for lost artefacts on the ocean floor.

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A dedicated mobile app generates random maps and, according to a press release from publisher Synapse Games, “offers over a million distinct and challenging sea maps,” while also displaying each player’s current surroundings in a 3x3 grid as they traverse the seas. Known hazards and artefacts will appear, but players will need to actively scout their surrounding waters if they want to avoid blundering into mines or other hazards.

“The magic of Finding Atlantis lies in its replayability. With over a million unique sea maps, every game is a new adventure”, says Carl Brière of Synapses Games. “The goal with Finding Atlantis is to provide a game that is thrilling for gamers and easy for families to play. We’re excited for players to take part in this legendary quest.”

Wilde previous designed for Soviet Kitchen Unleashed and Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy, and he has another upcoming board game in HYBR’s Soviet Kitchen. Finding Atlantis is expected to hit hobby store shelves and other retail outlets in Spring 2024.

Finding Atlantis board game spill, featuring hidden information, deduction and exploration mechanics.
Image credit: HYBR/Synapse Games

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