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Administer aid to ancient Grecians in competitive board game Hippocrates

Two bottles of smelly unguent, stat!

Compete against fellow physicians in strategic Eurogame Hippocrates, where the goal isn’t just to cure the sick but also to avail yourself as the brightest pupil of scientific medicine’s founder.

Hippocrates supports one to four players in a bid to raise funds, hire practitioners and - most importantly - cure the line of ailing and injured patients from across the Mediterranean. The upcoming board game takes a tactical approach to choosing patients and doling out limited resources where your reputation can be compromised in order to save someone who would otherwise never make it to the clinic’s front steps.

Each game takes place over four rounds of scoring comprising five distinct phases. Players begin by accepting patients from the queue into the hospital, choosing to either help those most in need - costing valuable resources - or opt for quick turnarounds. Leaning too much on swiftly churning through minor injuries will ultimately hurt a physician’s reputation. Once the patients have paid their dues, players must compensate their staff of doctors their wages or else risk losing them and their skills.

The next phases consist of acquiring medicine and new doctors able to treat the specific woes your patients suffer. Both are costly and sometimes hard to come by - knowing where and when to invest their drachmas is something players will need to learn if they are to be successful. If a player’s preparations go according to plan, they might be able to carefully match the doctors and medicine to a patient’s needs, curing them and earning victory points.

Don’t expect to clear the clinic on every round, but keeping a sick patient waiting for too long is ultimately a blow to reputation and that individual’s chances at survival, both. At the end of the fourth round, players tally their victory points and notoriety points to determine who best will carry on their teacher’s legacy.

Publisher Game Brewer, who previously worked on titles such as Paris, Gentes and Chimera Station, collaborated with designer Alain Orban to bring his latest creation to the public. Orban is best known for his popular economic dice-management game Troyes, as well as co-creating the science fiction worker placement title Black Angel.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hippocrates runs through April 30th and offers a crowdfunding-specific deluxe edition for €69 (£59/$81). Shipping to backers is expected to begin in October of this year.

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