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Make real-life masks to explore an enchanted forest as werewolves in folklore RPG Little Wolves

Fae queens and furballs.

Key art for tabletop RPG Little Wolves
Image credit: Dinoberry Press

If you’ve ever wanted to traipse through twilit woods under the bidding of an ethereal faerie deity, well… how do you feel about fur? A new tabletop RPG called Little Wolves puts players in the role of lupine shapeshifters who complete quests for the queens of the forest and carve their exploits into physical masks worn at the table.

Little Wolves will launch a Backerkit campaign in May of this year and is the latest title from Dinoberry Press, a small studio responsible for past Dicebreaker favourites such as Dinocar, GUN&SLINGER and Justicar. It’s designed for at least three players and a facilitator, though the press release claims it works just fine between a GM and one tricksy little wolf.

The player-controlled werewolves roam a forest chockablock with creatures and figures straight out of folklore, undertaking quests, running messages and providing muscle to those who seek their aid. Each mission will earn the group the favour of one queen or another, improving their standing in a fae court and imparting experience that will grow their own powers and abilities.

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One of Little Wolves’ coolest features is a physical mask that all players construct before the first session and wear during their outings into the woods - this symbolises their transformation into wolves and advertises their deadly intent to any would-be threats. Little Wolves is not an inherently violent RPG - the players will more likely rely on guile, mediation and teamwork - but wolves’ teeth aren’t just for show.

Depending on which quests they undertake and how they choose to complete them, the players will carve different markings into their masks and ultimately create a unique tableau of their trevails. The Witch Queen may grant them arcane symbols, while defending a forest denizen earns a heart, tree or shield instead.

Most quests involve aiding the mythological members of the forest in some way, and the group may first seek to understand the needs and anxieties of their charge. As Little Wolves trucks in the stories and legends of fae courts and creatures, don’t expect these tales to always be sunny and bright - the player-controlled shapeshifters aren’t the only powers roaming the woods capable of subterfuge and trickery.

Book spread mock-up of tabletop RPG Little Wolves
Image credit: Dinoberry Press

Little Wolves is a design by Julie-Anne Muñoz (JAM) and Nevyn Holmes of Dinoberry Press and includes art by Grendel Menz, Damien Jairus, while JN Butler illustrated the cover. Editing was provided by Tyler Crumrine of Possible Worlds Games.

The Backerkit campaign for Little Wolves launches May 14th and is seeking an initial goal of $16,100 to create a physical book containing everything needed to play, including guidance on creating and carving the players’ masks.

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