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Magic: The Gathering’s D&D cards will have stat blocks and adventure hooks for use in the RPG

Art cards can be used as quick reference for monsters, while basic land cards will feature flavour text for first time.

Magic: The Gathering cards in upcoming Dungeons & Dragons-inspired set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will allow players to use them in the tabletop RPG.

The upcoming MTG set - its first expansion based solely on D&D - will include a number of monsters, items, characters and locations from across the Forgotten Realms.

More than two dozen art card variants of the creature cards in the expansion will include stat blocks on their reverse, featuring their respective attributes from Dungeons & Dragons 5E, allowing them to be used as quick reference cards by dungeon masters and players during roleplaying sessions.

Among the creatures revealed to be in the set are common enemies such as flumphs, major antagonists from D&D history - including five-headed dragon Tiamat and spider queen Lolth - and references to staple Dungeons & Dragons NPCs, such as the Preposterous Innkeeper.

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In addition, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will introduce flavour text onto Magic: The Gathering’s basic land cards for the first time. The text on each of the set’s basic lands - inspired by locations in the Forgotten Realms - is designed to work as a prompt for DMs looking for Dungeons & Dragons adventure ideas. Each card can be used as a standalone adventure hook, while multiple basic lands can be combined in any order to provide another starting point for a scenario.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will include a number of other nods to Dungeons & Dragons, including nine land cards framed in the style of classic D&D modules. Eight of the land cards will feature brand new mechanics, Wizards of the Coast said, with the ninth being a new variant of land Evolving Wilds.

Other cards in the set will feature artwork inspired by older Dungeons & Dragons books, with several artists from the RPG’s early days said to be returning to illustrate the cards. 51 cards will have variants in the classic treatment.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be released on July 15th for MTG Arena and MTG Online. Its tabletop release date will follow on July 23rd.

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