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Watch Ross Kemp meet the gangs of Magic: The Gathering’s next set Streets of New Capenna

I could see things were about to kick off, so I got out of there!

Ross Kemp - yes, that Ross Kemp - has made a surprise appearance in a new teaser video for Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming set Streets of New Capenna.

The former Mitchell brother popped up in a short clip pastiching his documentary series Ross Kemp on Gangs as he goes “undercover” and meets with the five crime families that wrestle over the city of New Capenna. Sadly, the actor stops short of actually sitting down to play a match of the card game or uttering that immortal line - but, honestly, it’s genuinely pretty great nonetheless.

Each of New Capenna’s factions - The Obscura, The Maestros, The Riveteers, The Cabaretti and The Brokers - is made up from three of MTG’s mana colours, along with showcasing a specific gameplay mechanic and featuring a ‘mob boss’ character as their leader. Kemp runs through a brief introduction to each of the gangs’ lore over the top of costumed actors representing their members. (You can see what the Eurogamer folks thought in their own live reaction video.)

Discussing the new Magic: The Gathering set, Ross Kemp (I assure you, I expected to be writing these words today about as much as you expected to read them) said: “Streets of New Capenna is a world inspired by mafia movies, hard-boiled crime fiction and prohibition-era America, three topics which have always fascinated me. It was interesting, exciting and entertaining to be a part of it and I can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

Streets of New Capenna will be released for MTG Arena on April 28th, with its physical release following on the 29th. As is standard for new MTG sets, pre-release events will take place this weekend.

Ahead of the launch, Jason picked out the best New Capenna cards so you can get a head-start on putting your next deck together.

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