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Putty-smashing wargame Necromolds reforges its battle box with a new 4-player expansion

Skirmish role-clay.

a shot of player's hand about to crush a Necromolds unit with their massive ring tool.
Image credit: Necromolds, LLC.

Necromolds: Monster Battles is bringing back its goopy, spellslinging skirmish wargame with a reprinting of its core Battle Box to coincide with the release of its first official expansion, Call to Arms.

The original title garnered over $110,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter back in 2019, and a 2022 reprint brought in roughly $550,000. Necromolds sets itself apart by using moulded putty miniatures as soldiers that can and will be smooshed during combat - in fact, the rules encourage the behaviour. These golems are held together by Spell Clay, and their summoners choose amongst more than a dozen spellbooks to give them an edge on the terrain-strewn field of battle.

Our own Matt Jarvis loved the Battle Box starter set, calling its kid-friendly but fun-for-all-ages gameplay both devastating and hilarious. One of the best bits is using one of the two branded rings to flatten enemy units once they’re defeated, literally leaving your mark on the table as a pile of wasted Spell Clay.

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The Call to Arms expansion adds armour and weapons that players can equip to their units and bolster their stats, along with champion Necrecaster gear that denotes your strongest leader (and most vulnerable target). Players will now stab included swords through damaged units, turning muscle-bound baddies into pincushions before they finally fall.

Both the core game and the expansion can facilitate 2 players, but an expansion kit pulls two more chairs up to the dough-moulding table. Two suit its kid-friendly positioning, Necromold includes three complexity levels to its rules so that everyone can get into smashing their foes as soon as possible.

Necromolds: Monster Battle’s second printing will include a 40-page lorebook detailing the wider world that supports all these neon green and purple dough-soldiers. Both boxes should be available to purchase on Necromold’s official website towards the end of April, going on sale once fulfilment to Kickstarter backers wraps up.

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