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Pokémon TCG expansions: Every Pokémon card game set in order

From the original 151 to the latest cards, you’ll find the release dates for every set and promo series here.

Image credit: The Pokémon Company

If you’re looking to catch ‘em all in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There have been dozens of Pokémon TCG expansions released since the hit series became a playground phenomenon in the nineties, along with endless promo cards, booster packs and other Pokémon card game sets for fans and collectors to seek out.

To help you find your way through the stuffed Pokédex of Pokémon card game expansions, we’ve put together an exhaustive rundown of every Pokémon set released to date. Our guide includes mainline expansions - such as those themed around the latest video games - along with one-off releases, promotional goodies available through organised play events (or by popping to McDonald’s) and much, much more.

Note that this list is based on the English-language names and release dates for Pokémon expansions, rather than their Japanese counterparts - of which there are many more. From the very first Base Set through to the most recent releases, you’ll find every Pokémon TCG expansion below. The sets are arranged by series and then release date - from most recent to oldest - to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Pokémon TCG expansions

Pokémon TCG promos

Other Pokémon TCG sets

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Pokémon TCG expansions

Scarlet & Violet series

Set Release Date
Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces March 22nd 2024
Scarlet & Violet - Paldean Fates January 26th 2024
Scarlet & Violet - Paradox Rift November 3rd 2023
Scarlet & Violet - 151 September 22nd 2023
Scarlet & Violet - Obsidian Flames August 11th 2023
Scarlet & Violet - Paldea Evolved June 9th 2023
Scarlet & Violet March 31st 2023

Sword & Shield series

Set Release Date
Crown Zenith January 20th 2023
Sword & Shield - Silver Tempest November 11th 2022
Sword & Shield - Lost Origin September 9th 2022
Pokémon Go 1st July 2022
Sword & Shield - Astral Radiance May 27th 2022
Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars February 25th 2022
Sword & Shield - Fusion Strike November 12th 2021
Celebrations October 8th 2021
Sword & Shield - Evolving Skies August 27th 2021
Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign June 18th 2021
Sword & Shield - Battle Styles March 19th 2021
Shining Fates February 19th 2021
Sword & Shield - Vivid Voltage November 13th 2020
Champion’s Path September 25th 2020
Sword & Shield - Darkness Ablaze August 14th 2020
Sword & Shield - Rebel Clash May 1st 2020
Sword & Shield February 7th 2020
Starter card art from Pokemon TCG 151 Scarlet Violet expansion
Pokémon expansion series Scarlet & Violet brought back some of the TCG's original cards in its 151 set. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Sun & Moon series

Set Release Date
Sun & Moon - Cosmic Eclipse November 1st 2019
Hidden Fates August 23rd 2019
Sun & Moon - Unified Minds August 2nd 2019
Sun & Moon - Unbroken Bonds May 3rd 2019
Detective Pikachu March 29th 2019
Sun & Moon - Team Up February 1st 2019
Sun & Moon - Lost Thunder November 2nd 2018
Dragon Majesty September 7th 2018
Sun & Moon - Celestial Storm August 3rd 2018
Sun & Moon - Forbidden Light May 4th 2018
Sun & Moon - Ultra Prism February 2nd 2018
Sun & Moon - Crimson Invasion November 3rd 2017
Shining Legends October 6th 2017
Sun & Moon - Burning Shadows August 4th 2017
Sun & Moon - Guardians Rising May 5th 2017
Sun & Moon February 3rd 2017

XY series

Set Release Date
XY - Evolutions November 2nd 2016
XY - Steam Siege August 3rd 2016
XY - Fates Collide May 4th 2016
Generations February 22nd 2016
XY - BREAKpoint February 3rd 2016
XY - BREAKthrough November 4th 2015
XY - Ancient Origins August 12th 2015
XY - Roaring Skies May 6th 2015
Double Crisis March 25th 2015
XY - Primal Clash February 4th 2015
XY - Phantom Forces November 5th 2014
XY - Furious Fists August 13th 2014
XY - Flashfire May 7th 2014
XY February 5th 2014
XY - Kalos Starter Set November 8th 2013
Many of the most recent Pokémon TCG expansions are based on the video games, such as Scarlet & Violet, Sword & Shield and Sun & Moon. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Black & White series

Set Release Date
Black & White - Legendary Treasures November 6th 2013
Black & White - Plasma Blast August 14th 2013
Black & White - Plasma Freeze May 8th 2013
Black & White - Plasma Storm February 6th 2013
Black & White - Boundaries Crossed November 7th 2012
Dragon Vault October 5th 2012
Black & White - Dragons Exalted August 15th 2012
Black & White - Dark Explorers May 8th 2012
Black & White - Next Destinies February 8th 2012
Black & White - Noble Victories November 16th 2011
Black & White - Emerging Powers August 31st 2011
Black & White April 25th 2011

Call of Legends series

Set Release Date
Call of Legends February 9th 2011

HeartGold & SoulSilver series

Set Release Date
HeartGold & SoulSilver - Triumphant November 3rd 2010
HeartGold & SoulSilver - Undaunted August 18th 2010
HeartGold & SoulSilver - Unleashed May 12th 2010
HeartGold & SoulSilver February 10th 2010

Platinum series

Set Release Date
Platinum - Arceus November 4th 2009
Platinum - Supreme Victors August 19th 2009
Platinum - Rising Rivals May 16th 2009
Platinum February 11th 2009
Iconic Pokémon Mewtwo has made many appearances in the card game. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Diamond & Pearl series

Set Release Date
Diamond & Pearl - Stormfront November 5th 2008
Diamond & Pearl - Legends Awakened August 20th 2008
Diamond & Pearl - Majestic Dawn May 21st 2008
Diamond & Pearl - Great Encounters February 13th 2008
Diamond & Pearl - Secret Wonders November 7th 2007
Diamond & Pearl - Mysterious Treasures August 22nd 2007
Diamond & Pearl May 23rd 2007

EX series

Set Release Date
EX Power Keepers February 14th 2007
EX Dragon Frontiers November 8th 2006
EX Crystal Guardians August 30th 2006
EX Holon Phantoms May 3rd 2006
EX Legend Maker February 13th 2006
EX Delta Species October 31st 2005
EX Unseen Forces August 22nd 2005
EX Emerald May 9th 2005
EX Deoxys February 14th 2005
EX Team Rocket Returns November 8th 2004
EX FireRed & LeafGreen August 30th 2004
EX Hidden Legends June 14th 2004
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua March 15th 2004
EX Dragon November 24th 2003
EX Sandstorm September 17th 2003
EX Ruby & Sapphire June 18th 2003

e-Card series

Set Release Date
Skyridge May 12th 2003
Aquapolis January 15th 2003
Expedition Base Set September 15th 2002
Pokémon TCG expansions typically release as a series of randomised booster packs containing cards. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Legendary Collection series

Set Release Date
Legendary Collection May 24th 2002

Southern Islands series

Set Release Date
Southern Islands July 31st 2001

Neo series

Set Release Date
Neo Destiny February 28th 2002
Neo Revelation September 21st 2001
Neo Discovery June 1st 2001
Neo Genesis December 16th 2000

Original series

Set Release Date
Gym Challenge October 16th 2000
Gym Heroes August 14th 2000
Team Rocket April 24th 2000
Base Set 2 February 24th 2000
Fossil October 10th 1999
Jungle June 16th 1999
Base Set January 9th 1999
The original Base Set Charizard is one of the most iconic Pokémon cards of all time. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG promo sets

Black Star promos

Set Release Date
SVP Black Star promos January 1st 2023
SWSH Black Star promos November 15th 2019
SM Star promos October 31st 2016
XY Black Star promos September 30th 2013
BW Black Star promos March 1st 2011
HGSS Black Star promos February 1st 2010
DP Black Star promos May 1st 2007
Nintendo Black Star promos October 1st 2003
Wizards Black Star promos July 1st 1999

Play! Pokémon Prize Pack series

Set Release Date
Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Three August 14th 2023
Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series Two January 19th 2023
Play! Pokémon Prize Pack Series One November 9th 2022

POP (Pokémon Organized Play) series

Set Release Date
POP Series 9 March 2009
POP Series 8 September 2008
POP Series 7 March 2008
POP Series 6 September 2007
POP Series 5 March 2007
POP Series 4 August 2006
POP Series 3 April 2006
POP Series 2 August 2005
POP Series 1 September 2004
Base Set Pikachu is affectionately known as 'fat Pikachu' by fans due to the card's artwork. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

McDonald’s Collection series

Set Release Date
McDonald’s Collection 2023 July 27th 2023
McDonald’s Collection 2022 August 3rd 2022
McDonald’s Collection 2021 February 9th 2021
McDonald’s Collection 2019 October 15th 2019
McDonald’s Collection 2018 October 19th 2018
McDonald’s Collection 2017 August 3rd 2017
McDonald’s Collection 2016 August 20th 2016
McDonald’s Collection 2015 November 27th 2015
McDonald’s Collection 2014 May 23rd 2014
McDonald’s Collection 2013 October 13th 2013
McDonald’s Collection 2012 June 15th 2012
McDonald’s Collection 2011 June 17th 2011

Trick or Trade series

Set Release Date
Trick or Trade 2023 September 2023
Trick or Trade 2022 September 2022

Pokémon Futsal series

Set Release Date
Pokémon Futsal September 11th 2020

Pokémon Rumble series

Set Release Date
Pokémon Rumble December 2nd 2009

Poké Card Creator Pack series

Set Release Date
Poké Card Creator Pack July 2004

Best of Game series

Set Release Date
Best of Game December 2002

Unnumbered promotional cards

Set Release Date
Unnumbered promotional cards January 9th 1999
Pokemon TCG Battle Academy cards
Pokémon TCG sets such as Battle Academy often include prebuilt decks to help new players learn the game. | Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Other Pokémon TCG sets

Pokémon TCG Classic

Set Release Date
Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic November 17th 2023

My First Battle

Set Release Date
My First Battle: Pikachu & Bulbasaur September 29th 2023
My First Battle: Charmander & Squirtle September 29th 2023

Battle Academy

Set Release Date
Battle Academy 2022 March 25th 2022
Battle Academy 2020 June 21st 2020

Trainer Kits

Set Release Date
Sun & Moon Trainer Kit: Alolan Sandslash & Alolan Ninetales June 1st 2018
Sun & Moon Trainer Kit: Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu April 21st 2017
XY Trainer Kit: Pikachu Libre & Suicune April 27th 2016
XY Trainer Kit: Latias & Latios April 29th 2015
XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff November 2014
XY Trainer Kit March 12th 2014
Black & White Trainer Kit September 12th 2011
HS Trainer Kit May 12th 2010
Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit September 24th 2007
EX Trainer Kit 2 March 2006
EX Battle Stadium October 18th 2004
EX Trainer Kit June 2004

Basic Energies

Set Release Date
SVE Basic Energies March 31st 2023

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