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Armless hero Rayman and friends head to an official board game from the designer of Earth

Globox, Barbara and a whole lot of Teensies join in the fun.

Rayman: The Board Game official artwork
Image credit: Flyos/Ubisoft

Rayman and his cohort of buddies from Ubisoft’s platforming video game series will be adapted into an official upcoming board game designed by the creator of last year’s Earth and published by Montreal-based studio Flyos.

Unceremoniously announced via the publishers’ social media on April 15th, Rayman the Board Game looks like a faithful translation of Rayman Legends - the last mainline video game entry - into a collaborative title where players will control the titular hero along with Golobox, Barbara, Murphy and the Teensy King, among others.

Flyos’ website offers scant few details: “Discover Rayman like never before in an all-new board game adventure! Team up with your favorite heroes in an epic race, dodging dangers and saving the Teensies! Designed by the acclaimed Maxime Tardif (EARTH) and FLYOS, the game promises thrilling action for 2 to 5 players, ages 7 to 77. Become a legend in the Glade of Dreams, and be ready for the launch in Q3 2024.”

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Snagging Tardif as a designer is no small feat. Earth didn’t quite unseat Ark Nova as the reigning nature-themed engine builder among serious hobbyists, but it did give the big box a run for its money with its open-ended loop of growing plants, seeding an ecosystem and recycling unused flora. We don’t have any clue how Tardif will apply his skills to the new project beyond the fact that it will be urge players to collaborate against some kind of timed goal or other impending threat - hence the race.

Flyos is best known for producing Vampire: The Masquerade - Chapters and Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Retaliation, two hefty titles that adapt the World of Darkness RPG brands into a narrative adventure and cooperative dungeon crawler, respectively. Rayman is a sight different from the moody, dark and bloody properties Flyos cut their teeth (heh) publishing, so we’ll see how their skill set applies to a decidedly brighter world with music, platforming puzzles and hidden objects at the core of its identity.

Dicebreaker has reached out to Flyos for more information and will update this story when we hear back. Until then, we will all be imagining what other miniatures lurk inside that box and hoping to any god who will listen that none of them are Rabbids.

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