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Co-op Scrabble more accessible version for players “intimidated by the classic game”

Wording with you.

A close-up image of Scrabble (2024).
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A new version of Scrabble looks to make the classic word board game more accessible and collaborative.

The original Scrabble sees two to four players attempting to score the most points possible by placing letter tiles into rows or columns on a board in order to create words. Certain completed words will score higher than others depending on which letters have been used, with more uncommonly used letters like Q and V scoring more. Players will also need to place their letter tiles adjacent to ones already placed on the board, thereby utilising existing letters and words to score.

The new version of Scrabble features a mode for players to collaborate in order to form words and score, called Scrabble Together. (Thanks BBC News.) This Scrabble release will include a double-sided board: with one side depicting the standard Scrabble board, meaning players can still experience the classic game, while the other shows the new Scrabble Together board.

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The board contains spaces that correspond to a set of goal cards that players can use to inject more direction and guidance into their games. The goal cards provide challenges for players to complete, including playing a word containing two of the same consonant or playing a word that contains at least two different vowels. Along the bottom of these cards are tips to help the players complete their goal. The first player to complete 20 challenges is named the winner, whilst any player that uses up all their help cards and cannot complete a goal loses.

Players still have to adhere to the board rules of needing to place a letter tile adjacent to one already placed on the board, but players can choose to work in teams to tackle the co-op game’s goal cards.

A layout image of Scrabble (2024).
Image credit: Mattel

According to the head of games at Mattel - the company responsible for publishing Scrabble - this new version is designed for players who have “felt a little intimidated by the classic game.” Brett Smitheram, the 2016 World Scrabble Champion, commented that “the game speaks to a trend in younger people who want to avoid competitive games, instead favouring teamwork and collaboration.”

The new version of Scrabble, featuring the Scrabble Together mode, is currently available now for £22 ($28).

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