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Lightweight mecha RPG The Mecha Hack is releasing a new book of missions

Do mecha cockpits have cup holders?

Fans of Absolute Tabletop’s streamlined take on mecha adventures rejoice, as the publisher is planning a supplement full of one-page missions and resources for The Mecha Hack called Mission Manual.

The missions break down into three phases - kickoff, action and climax - designed to thrust the firetime into danger as soon as possible and keeping the excitement high even as parameters change or complications get in the way. Speaking of complications, each mission comes with a table of objectives and twists designed to keep the same mission from playing out the same way twice.

While Absolute Tabletop doesn’t provide a list of writers on the Kickstarter page, it says the missions are “lovingly crafted by a diverse team of talented RPG designers [and] comprise everything from training missions, action-packed skirmishes, high-octane chases, perilous salvage, and everything in between”.

The add-on also contains more of just about everything players might need to recharge their campaign’s battery or chart a course for new experiences. Four new chassis (read: classes in a fantasy RPG) are included, from the support-focused Auxiliary to the weird and threatening Hybrid - which might remind you of a certain purple and green unit from that one anime.

GMs looking for more tools to expand their understanding of The Mecha Hack can find rule expansions for equipment and weapons, modifications for on-foot missions outside the chassis, tips on creating and playing factions, and tables for creating worlds and filling them with danger and discoveries. A new hard mode courts the skilled pilots - or daring ones - looking to test their mettle against more lethal encounters. The designers throw in statblocks, printable miniatures and tokens and a GM screen, too.

The Mecha Hack is based off the rules for The Black Hack, which was also funded through Kickstarter back in 2018 and claimed at the time to be “the most straightforward modern OSR compatible clone available”. The Mecha Hack uses a d20 system using a roll-under check on skills and actions. Artwork for the base game and the Mission Manual addon was provided by Runehammer Games artist Brandish Gilhel.

The Mission Manual Kickstarter campaign runs until December 19th. Backers can claim a PDF or hardcover version for $12/$18 (£9/£13.50), respectively. Shipping is expected to begin in April of next year.

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