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The Terminator RPG on the way, quickstart rules out next month

There is no fate, nor a release date.

An RPG based in the universe of The Terminator was recently announced by independent Scottish publisher Nightfall Games, primarily known for its work on SLA Industries. While details are slim, The Terminator RPG will use Nightfall’s newer S5S system as its core engine.

Nightfall Games announced the project on October 20th. In a post to its Facebook page, Nightfall said The Terminator RPG will be built around the S5S system, which was initially developed to drive the second edition of SLA Industries. The system uses six d10s per player - one success die and five skill dice - which, according to Nightfall Games’ website, was “designed to offer a more streamlined and cinematic gaming experience than the old system.”

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Nightfall said that The Terminator RPG is its first new game built around the S5S system from the ground up, and that fans can expect future games to embrace the new system.

While an official release date for The Terminator RPG is forthcoming, Nightfall Games said it plans to release a downloadable quickstart in December, complete with rules, artwork and a full scenario players can use to test drive the system. In the comments of its Facebook page, Nightfall stated a hard copy of the introductory booklet will eventually be made available.

The free to download Quickstart, featuring all new art, intro rules and a complete scenario, will be published in December 2020.

Posted by The Terminator RPG on Saturday, 7 November 2020

Nightfall Games has been designing RPGs since the early ‘90s, with SLA Industries comprising the lion’s share of its creative output. More recently, the studio relaunched in 2011 as an independent developer. In 2019, a Kickstarter for the second edition of SLA Industries raised £90,444 of its £10,000 goal.

An official release date for The Terminator RPG is not yet available. Dicebreaker has contacted Nightfall Games for further information, and will update this story as necessary.

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