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Tiny Turbo Cars unleashes remote-controlled mayhem in a puzzle-racer hybrid

Batteries (tokens) included.

Grab a controller and prepare to leave tyre tracks on the rugs with Tiny Turbo Cars, a new competitive board game of RC racing with a freshly launched Kickstarter campaign.

In Tiny Turbo Cars, two to four players manoeuvre their toy vehicles through a messy house, vying to be the first to cross the finish line and leave an even bigger disaster in their wake. They will use controllers with a grid of sliding tiles in the middle, rearranging them on each turn to queue up a sequence of moves that their racer will execute in an attempt to dodge discarded toys, empty snack boxes and each other.

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Designed by the team at 4Brains4Games, along with Hjalmar Hach (co-designer of Photosynthesis and King’s Dilemma), the title mixes the puzzle elements of planning out your moves with a tight, 30-minute session time that attempts to keep the momentum going by giving the first person to lock in their moves priority off the starting line. Racing ahead might make you a target for the special abilities of the unique vehicles, but it also means dodging any nasty surprises left in the wake of other combatants.

For example, the Time Machine RC car allows the driver to reuse one of the moves from the third row of their controller at the end of their turn, squeezing in one last bit of oomph from the flux capacitor attached to their engine block. Controllers boast four rows of sliding blocks, but only the middle two count - and any empty spaces will cause a stall-out.

The track is composed of a series of modular boards that can be laid out in a variety of constructions, allowing for a fair bit of replayability and unpredictability each time the group straps on their tiny RC helmets. The boards represent rooms of the house the kids have trashed, deciding to squeeze in one last game instead of cleaning up before the parents come home.

Tiny Turbo Cars is published by Horrible Guild, an Italian company known for marble puzzler Potion Explosion and roll-and-write train game Railroad Ink, along with Hach. It will be the fourth title from 4Brains4Games - the Italian collective began designing in 2016 and specialise in cooperative narrative experiences.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tiny Turbo Cars will run through March 16th, offering a standard edition and a “Bix Box” option to fit any and all stretch goals unlocked. Shipping is expected to begin in December of this year.

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