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V-Commandos redeploys in 2021 with miniatures and new gameplay modes

Plus, an update on the status of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice.

V-Commandos will be hosting a Kickstarter campaign in 2021 to fund expansions for the mission-based, cooperative board game. Fans can expect to see a line of miniatures, new modes of play and updated assets.

Publisher Triton Noir told Dicebreaker it will add three new boxes to V-Commandos, including a reprint of existing offerings - the base game and Secret Weapons and Resistance expansions. The goal is to provide interesting options for engaging with the game and improve the look and feel of the components in each box.

In V-Commandos, players undertake covert missions as elite Allied forces during WWII. The base game and its expansions contain a host of pre-generated missions, but players can combine objective cards to create their own. Stealth is a key tactic; the soldiers will need to hide, disguise or sabotage their way through the enemy’s fortifications. Going loud should be the final option if they hope to make it out alive since success hinges on extrication or escape once the objectives have been met.

New box V-Commandos: Ghost expands gameplay by adding “the biggest operation ever created” and introducing three new game modes - Campaign, Lone Wolf and XP - that players can use with any existing or future board games. Triton Noir said these aren’t necessarily the final names, but they do hint at consequences that carry between operations and perhaps a solo play mode. “XP in particular is really fun: it's easier to manage some critical situations and you can take more risks than usual.”

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A “deluxe upgrade” to standard V-Commandos and its two expansions comprise the two other boxes that will be offered in the campaign. “They will include a total of about 100 high quality minis, new two-sided themed tiles, updated commando cards with top quality illustrations and more components,” Triton Noir said. Before this, the game used tokens or cards to represent the troops, supplies and other features. The publisher didn’t mention any thematic or rules alterations that would affect how V-Commandos is played once miniatures are added.

Meanwhile, those waiting for fulfillment on their copies of the publisher’s video game adaptation Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice will need to sit tight until May of next year, as Triton Noir said the manufacturer will need until March to complete production. COVID-19 has reportedly affected shipping across the board, but Triton Noir claimed the complexity and volume of included features has been a mitigating factor - comparisons to the size of both Gloomhaven and Mechs vs. Minions were used.

Edit: This article has been clarified to reflect that the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will include the new Ghost expansion, along with deluxe upgrades to the core game and the existing two expansions.

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