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SPONSORED: Gothic RPG adventure Veil of the Eternal Night brings Castlevania vibes to D&D 5E

Horror supplement includes dozens of monsters, 13 new subclasses and a huge campaign spanning levels 1 to 20.

Image credit: QuasiReal Publishing

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An upcoming RPG supplement inspired by the likes of Castlevania has launched on Kickstarter, offering a massive campaign compatible with D&D 5E filled with vampires, new character classes and plenty of gothic horror.

Veil of the Eternal Night throws players into an adventure in the remote land of Norspina, where they will journey from dangerous wildernesses and locations - including the Mad Forest, Lost Long Library and a Haunted Carnivale - to gothic settlements inhabited by the world’s citizens, such as the large Paris-influenced capital city of Lorvan. Along the way, they’ll need to contend with the threat of Dracula himself, as well as other bloodsucking vampires and dozens of new monsters.

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The horror campaign is said to draw from the Castlevania series of video games and dark fantasy manga series Berserk, presenting a sprawling adventure that will take D&D 5E players all the way from first level to level 20. The supplement is also compatible with creator QuasiReal Publishing’s own fantasy roleplaying game MythCraft, for which it will span levels one to 30.

To capture the horror atmosphere of the adventure, Veil of the Eternal Night introduces a new fear and sanity system to D&D 5E and MythCraft, with players needing to pay heed to their characters’ mental wellbeing as well as their physical state.

Image credit: QuasiReal Publishing

Veil of the Eternal Night will comprise three separate books, adding 13 new subclasses for D&D 5E players (or class tracks for MythCraft players). The new character options include the ability to become a Vampire Hunter Ranger, Plague Doctor Tinkerer/Artificer or Domain of Mythology Cleric, with an additional MythCraft-exclusive class in the Hellcrafter.

The set will also include a bestiary with more than 75 original creatures influenced by classic and grimdark horror, along with over 15 mythic creatures that can serve as boss encounters for players, with their own lairs, unique boss fight phases and unique gameplay elements.

Image credit: QuasiReal Publishing

To help players take down the fearsome new foes, they’ll be able to equip over a dozen legendary artefacts that will level alongside their character, as well as more than 50 new feats for 5E players (MythCraft talents) and over 60 original spells and magical powers. The new character options will be detailed in the set’s tome Harker's Guide to Vampire Hunting.

Veil of the Eternal Night is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, offering the supplement’s core set of three books alongside accessories including dice sets, 75mm miniatures and a 78-card tarot deck that features in-game mechanics. There’s even an original soundtrack from video game composer Geoffrey Day.

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