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Warhammer reveals a monstrous miniature for the demonic Be’lakor and new Broken Realms book

He big.

Games Workshop’s second New Model Monday for the month of March provided the first detailed look at an upcoming model for Be’lakor, a storied daemon who will be the focus in the next chapter of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s ongoing story.

The miniatures wargames creator detailed Be’lakor’s new look - seriously, his 2016 model is quite dinky by comparison - in a community blog post that provided more details about what plans the very first daemon has in store for the Mortal Realms.

“Quite what Be’lakor did to turn the Dark Gods’ favour into wrath is a secret known only to Be’lakor and his infernal masters,” the description reads. “What’s more, his latest masterplan is about to be played out in the next stage of the Broken Realms saga.”

The reveal doesn’t include any distinct measurements, but when shown with a few ground troops the Dark God’s once-chosen looks six or seven times taller than your standard miniature - the massive wings affixed with chains and bones nearly double the height alone.

Accompanying various glamour shots of the model looking all kinds of menacing was a mockup for the third book in Age of Sigmar’s Broken Realm series. Simply titled Be’lakor, it will likely focus the story around the monstrous meanie as the mover and shaker that all other factions will respond to going forward. The past two books similarly highlighted Morathi and Teclis, showing not all cover stars have to be unholy, undying terrors. But it probably doesn’t hurt their chances.

Those players who follow the lore of Age of Sigmar - the Dicebreaker crew have been exploring it themselves in an actual play series of RPG Soulbound - can look forward to plenty of dramatic reveals, as Be’lakor is apparently “behind more of the key events in Mortal Realms than you can imagine”, according to Games Workshop.

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The model looks like it will also include a new Primaris Lieutenant model that players can lay at the feet of the dread titan, further cementing the community joke that the company can’t release a new product without somehow shoehorning in a Space Marine.

As is tradition with new Games Workshop reveals, pricing and availability dates aren’t known at this point. Keep checking Dicebreaker for more information as it becomes available.

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