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How well do you know Dungeons & Dragons? Roll for WIS with our quiz! (Sponsored)

Test your knowledge of D&D lore, rules and history.

Image credit: Image: The Op Games

This article is sponsored by The Op Games, publisher of Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons. You can buy the game from Amazon US.

Dungeons & Dragons turns 50 in 2024, marking half a century of players who have ventured into the fantasy worlds of the legendary roleplaying game.

With five editions of the tabletop RPG - plus one more on the way in One D&D - and countless adventures, sourcebooks and more released for D&D over the last five decades, there’s no shortage of trivia that players can test themselves on to show off their knowledge.

Liv, Wheels and Meehan put their D&D knowledge to the test

The new Dungeons & Dragons edition of classic trivia board game Trivial Pursuit does exactly that, pulling from across D&D lore, rules and even the history of the RPG to put players’ Wisdom stats to the test.

To help you level up your D&D trivia, we’ve picked out 12 questions out of the 1,200 found in the new trivia board game. Below you’ll find two questions in each of Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons’ question categories, ranging from in-depth knowledge on spells and magic items to moments from classic D&D adventures and the 50-year adventure of the real-life RPG itself.

We’ve picked out one easier and one harder question in each category, so you can challenge yourself on your Dungeons & Dragons expertise whether you’re a recent convert to 5E or have been playing since the Red Box. Who knows, maybe you’ll even gain a +1 in knowledge. Good luck!

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