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King of Tokyo and King of New York are getting a new sequel next year

Third in Richard Garfield’s monster rumble dice game series teased at Essen Spiel 2021.

A brand new board game in the King of Tokyo series is due to release in 2022.

The currently untitled third entry in the ‘King of’ franchise was teased by publisher Iello at this year’s Essen Spiel 2021 board game convention in Germany.

The upcoming board game was teased with a new character standee and a scattering of tokens, with no details given on how its gameplay will evolve the dice-rolling competition of the 2011 monster rumble and its 2014 sequel set in the Big Apple.

The monster - which appears to be a sea creature with fish-like fins, a sea snail shell and crab-like claws - was shown in a bowl of sand with a volcano and palm trees, potentially hinting at the new setting of the game. The surrounding tokens also appear to have smaller monsters on, alongside 1 and 3 values.

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Both King of Tokyo and King of New York were designed by Richard Garfield - creator of Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner and more - and see players rolling handfuls of dice to attack their opponents’ rival kaiju, heal their own HP, collect victory points and gain the energy required to use special powers. Players can choose to keep or re-roll their dice over three throws, pushing their luck to pull off the best moves possible.

Players can collect extra victory points by taking control of spaces on a central board representing the titular cities, with the risk-reward of not being able to heal from the other players’ attacks until they leave. King of New York introduced an additional way of collecting victory points via garnering fame and added extra spaces on the board to represent the city’s various districts. Players win both games by collecting 20 points or eliminating all of their rivals.

The untitled third ‘King of’ game was shown alongside an upcoming Monster Box collection for King of Tokyo, which will feature the base game alongside its Power Up! and Halloween expansions, 11 brand new cards exclusive to the bundle, the new Baby Gigazaur monster and a dice tray. The €55 collection is expected to release later in 2021, having been delayed due to the ongoing board game shipping crisis.

The third ‘King of’ game is planned for release at Essen Spiel 2022.

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