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Magic: The Gathering unveils new Theros: Beyond Death trailer

Styx and stones.

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast has revealed a trailer for its new card set Theros: Beyond Death.

The upcoming 2020 expansion takes place in Nyx - the underworld of Ancient Greek themed plane Theros. A place of gods, mythical monsters and strange spells, death god Erebos lives there, along with mysterious horned planeswalker and ‘Nightmare Muse’ Ashiok.

Planeswalker Elspeth Tirel is this deck's main protaginist. She was killed with a magic spear by sun god Heliod in previous MTG 2014 Theros setting, Journey into Nyx.

The Theros: Beyond Death trailer depicts a horde of masked figures marching beneath a vast, star-studded sky. Along with hero Tirel, they move towards a shimmering magic barrier. After trying to stop a child passing over, hero Tirel is dragged into the ground, and drowned by rotted figures. Above her, Ashiok and the child watch. At the last moment, Tirel appears to comes alive again in a blaze of gold light.

Cover image for YouTube video

In addition, the Theros: Beyond Death will include a range of new mechanics, such as enchantment creatures and devotion.The new set will also comprise 250 plus cards, and introduces new cosmically themed land cards.

Theros: Beyond Death is coming to digital format Magic: The Gathering Arena on the 16th of January, with a physical sets release confirmed for the 17th of January.

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