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Baked bean dice are real and you can buy them (again) soon, you weirdos

Critical fibre!

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Homemade polyhedral producer The Dice Buffet will soon restock her sets of dice made with real baked beans. You know, from a can.

Resin dice containing food products has become something of a specialty for Lilit, the mind and hands behind The Dice Buffet’s seemingly edible tabletop accoutrements. (Please, do not try to eat these or any dice.) She first began experimenting with legumes in resin back in October 2019, along with other foodstuffs such as Spaghetti-Os, candy corn and M&Ms.

Something about baked beans stuck out to internet rubberneckers, and Lilit kept working on the recipe in the intervening time. Her canned creations tend to sell out fast, but a recent update said her Etsy store will restock before the end of the week and allow a hungry public to make their bean dreams a reality.

Posts on The Dice Buffet Twitter account explain that while the resin dice match the colour of baked beans in sauce to an eerie degree, all foodstuffs have been dried before casting, meaning they won’t spoil or turn any kind of unsightly colour a month later.

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Lilit has experimented with plenty of other edible products since opening her shop. Coffee, corn, rice, whiskey and bees posthumously collected from an apiary have appeared in rollable form. The selection of bean-related projects in progress expanded into black-eyed peas, pinto beans mung and adzuki. If it fits in a mouth, it seems The Dice Buffet will put it on your tabletop.

The dice showcased in her latest Twitter post are made to emulate Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce, but Lilit claims American-style baked beans will also be produced for any purists in the crowd. They say great art leads the mind to ask questions about the world and our place in it. In response to perhaps the most common question:

“Why? Because people like beans.”

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