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TTRPG for Reproductive Rights bundles nearly 300 games to support US abortion rights

All proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds

A collection of tabletop RPGs is raising funds to support reproductive rights in the US following the recent leaked Supreme Court memo that threatened critical legal protections for abortions. The TTRPG for Reproductive Rights bundle offers 291 games and player aids for $5, with all proceeds benefiting two organisations working to protect people’s right to bodily autonomy.

Politico published a copy of a leaked US Supreme Court memo on May 2nd that showed the majority conservative justices intend to strike down the 1973 Roe v. Wade primarily responsible for enshrining the right to abortions. The Supreme Court has since stated that the leak is genuine, leading many advocacy groups and pro-choice supporters to shore up resources for the eventual fallout.

The bundle is doing its part by donating all money raised through sales to Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds. Both organisations work to increase access to reproductive care within the US - Planned Parenthood is an older and larger non-profit with a history of political activism and large-scale action, while NNAF delivers resources and training across a web of connected grassroots funds and groups that operate within specific communities across the country.

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The TTRPG for Reproductive Rights is hosted by independent tabletop designer Roll for Romance, in coordination with several other community members, who collected RPGs, adventures, supplements and other tabletop ephemera to include in the bundle. The swath of titles span a number different player counts and genres, delivering some unique niche works alongside better known indie darlings.

Perhaps the most popular addition is Austin Ramsay’s Beam Saber, which combines Forged in the Dark mechanics with mecha anime storytelling for games that are fraught with emotional tension, individuals swept up in wars they didn’t start, and the tragic but satisfying crunch of two big robots slamming into each other. UFO Press’ Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2E spreads the group’s narrative across several generations as society recovers from global disaster and attempts to reconfigure something meaningful from the pieces.

TitanomachyRPG’s Caltrop Core is a short but powerful design tool that aims to teach anyone who to design their own game using a system centred on the small and pointy four-sided die (d4). The system has spawned a bevy of games already and was part of our list of the best tabletop RPGs to hack into a custom game. Other notable mentions include Will Jobst’s This Discord Has Ghosts in it, David Blandy’s Lone Eons, and Diogo Nogueira’s Primal Quest.

The TTRPG for Reproductive Rights bundle will run through June 12th and can be purchased on its page. More information about Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds can be found on their respective websites.

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