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It's Alex Lolies' last week!

Saying goodbye to the world's biggest Star Realms fan

We've got some sad news here at Dicebreaker as we must announce that on Thursday of this week our third ever video producer Alex Lolies will be leaving us for pastures new. After a busy and exciting two years of board game breaking and content creating, Lolies will be hanging up her pink, and likely Mr. Blobby themed, Dicebreaker hat to explore pastures new.

We're sure you'll all be as sad to see Lolies go as we are and invite you to drop your warm wishes in the comments of this here article, but we'll also be giving Lolies a proper send off on her final day as we all get together again in the office for some fun party games. You can join us live, as ever, on Thursday 11th of November at 2pm BST for a big 'goodbye Lolies' shindig in which we'll all be trying our best not to cry over a game of Happy Salmon or equivalent.

Lolies has been an important member of Team Dicebreaker and her presence and contributions to all the hard work we've done these past two years will continue to be felt even as she leaves the channel for new adventures. From her real life tour of the London Monopoly board to her expert How To Play videos. From her loveable idiot persona as Mist in Dungeonbreaker to her goth icon and moody teenager persona as Hel in The Break-Quest Club.

Lolies has indefinitely made her mark on Dicebreaker and the board game world at large and we'll miss her dearly on the site. So as we said before, please join us in wishing our very own Alex Lolies a fond farewell both here and on our Thursday livestream. We'll break out the tissues in advance for the final weepy goodbye

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