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We congratulate Olivia Kennedy on her promotion to Video Producer!

After a year of stellar work as Junior Video Producer, Liv gets a promotion

After joining the Dicebreaker team last year, Olivia Kennedy has cemented herself as a vital part of the channel. Her passion, drive, and creativity have brought a burst of new life to the content we make here on Dicebreaker and its YouTube channel. With that in mind we're delighted to announce that Liv has received a promotion from her role as Junior Video Producer to full-blown Video Producer.

Taking a more senior role reflects the responsibility that Liv has taken on in her day to day work here at Dicebreaker: Helping Wheels to steer the YouTube channel to new heights, taking charge of long term projects behind the scenes, and helping to guide our newest team member Maddie in the right direction as she follows in Liv's footsteps.

Liv's first appearance on the Dicebreaker YouTube channelWatch on YouTube

Liv has already had some classic moments here at Dicebreaker, from her list of great queer tabletop RPGs to when she took the role of DM as the team played through Critical Role's Call of the Netherdeep D&D Module. She's been a constant source of fun and energy on both the site and channel and we're delighted to reward her hard work with a well deserved promotion.

With a new, more senior role on the channel, Liv will be even more involved in shaping what Dicebreaker will become in the future. If the contributions she's made already are anything to go by then it should all be in very good hands!

Cover image for YouTube videoDicebreaker plays Monsterhearts 2 | I'm a teen monster and PROM'S TOMORROW
Liv delivers an amazing performance as GM in our Monsterhearts 2 let's play

So give your heartiest congrats to our new Video Producer and perhaps take a moment to reflect on your favourite Liv moments on the site and channel in the comments below.

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