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Dimension 20 is returning to Fantasy High for a third season in Junior Year

The D&D 5E series heads back to school in January.

Image credit: Dimension 20

Dimension 20 marks its five year anniversary this month - and in celebration, the hugely popular actual play series is headed back to school. Fantasy High, to be precise.

Originally running across 17 episodes from September 2018 until January of the following year, Fantasy High was Dimension 20’s debut campaign. DM Brennan Lee Mulligan led a party of six heroes - the Bad Kids - through a John Hughes-inspired high school adventure in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Those heroes included Emily Axford’s tiefling bard bassist Fig Faeth, Zac Oyama’s half-orc barbarian drummer Gorgug Thistlespring, Siobhan Thompson’s elf wizard Adaine Abernant, Lou Wilson’s half-elf fighter Fabian Seacaster, Ally Beardsley’s pacifist human cleric Kristen Applebees and Brian Murphy’s goblin rogue Riz Gukgak.

Great actual play series taht aren't Critical RoleWatch on YouTube

The first season of Fantasy High followed the party in the lead-up to prom, dealing with the hijinks and pressures of freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. A second season, set during sophomore year, was broadcast from late 2019 to April 2020, spanning another 20 episodes with the same cast, characters and DM, as the Bad Kids attempted to complete a school assignment to obtain the Crown of the Nightmare King before spring break.

Now, Fantasy High is due to return for a third season set during junior year, with Dimension 20 revealing the upcoming campaign on the fifth anniversary of the original Fantasy High campaign.

Fantasy High: Junior Year will premiere next January, following Dimension 20’s next campaign, Burrow’s End, which is due to kick off on October 4th. DM Aabria Iyengar will head up a table of players including Brennan Lee Mulligan, Isabella Roland, Siobhan Thompson, Erika Ishii, Rashawn Nadine Scott and Jasper William Cartwright in a Watership Down-esque tale of stoats in search of a new home in the Blue Forest.

Burrow’s End will mark Dimension 20’s 20th campaign since it launched as a flagship show of CollegeHumor’s subscription service Dropout in 2018.

“We knew the show was a longshot - we were a debut show on a brand-new streaming service, and one that didn't have any precedent for success,” Dimension 20 reminisced on X/Twitter. “CollegeHumor was known for 2 minute sketches - we were making a 2 hour-an-episode, 17 episode TTRPG narrative improv show.

“Burrow's End is a season we're especially proud of. Everyone is playing at the top of their game, from the art team, to the production crew, to the post-production crew, the on-screen talent, and beyond. It's something special - there's a reason this is our 20th season.

“With every season, we aim to do something new and challenge ourselves. And the reason we're able to keep reaching higher is because of the amazing collection of crewmembers, artisans, editors, producers, and performers who give it their all.”

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