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Storybreakers characters: Caryaries West, the spoilt bard and wannabe news anchor

A half-elf out of water.

Launching on the 4th of November this year, Dicebreaker’s brand new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show, Storybreakers features an exciting cast of original characters played by the Dicebreaker team. Read on to learn more about senior staff writer Alex Meehan’s alter ego, Caryaries West - one of the four player characters featured on the show alongside Dungeon Master Michael ‘Wheels’ Whelan, who created the world Storybreakers takes place in.

I’m Alex Meehan and I play Caryaries West, the 24-year-old high half-elf bard who dreams of becoming a celebrity. Daughter of Phelonia West, a former news anchor for the ONC network and current director of communications and board member, Caryaries’ ambitions match those of her mother’s - with her ultimate aim being to become as famous, perhaps even more so, a news anchor and celebrity as Phelonia. Caryaries does not know who her father is.

Having grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth, Caryaries is used to a certain standard of living and believes that she is entitled to it. Appearances are everything, with Caryaries always dressing in fine clothing that represents the latest fashion trends, even when it’s completely impractical. Caryaries thrives when it comes to social and leisurely situations but finds herself out of her element in matters of survival and tasks that are physically demanding – preferring a cocktail party to a dungeoneering expedition.

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As a bard, Caryaries specialises in magic that utilises her natural charisma, with spells such as Friends – which helps de-escalate fights – and Charm Person aiding her in getting others on her side. Otherwise, Caryaries has a collection of utilitarian spells that make her less effective in combat situations but a useful ally to her fellow party members – if she wishes to help them.

Caryaries’s favourite hobbies and activities include shopping, brunching, social media stalking, watching prestige television, reading romance novels, attending music recitals and collecting merchandise of her number one boy band group – Enthrall level 9. The young bard does not enjoy menial work, having to use a bag that doesn’t match her outfit, talking to boring people, slideshows, cheap coffee and not being the centre of attention at all social gatherings.

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A well-educated individual and graduate of the University of Clyndesta, with a degree in media and music studies, Caryaries has since spent the last few years of her life embarking on gap year after gap year, searching for the best route to fame and fortune. Having seemingly exhausted all possible avenues of success, Caryaries eventually secured an internship with the ONC through her mother – with the expectation of training as a news anchor at the headquarters.

Unfortunately for Caryaries, it appears that she and her mother had something entirely different in mind when it comes to an internship, with the bard immediately finding herself in a scenario straight out of one of her worst nightmares. Will she adapt? Or will Caryaries return to the safety of her studio apartment in the city?

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