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Storybreakers characters: Iris Walker, an inquisitive Rogue who saw too much

Private Iris.

Launching on the 4th of November this year, Dicebreaker’s brand new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show, Storybreakers features an exciting cast of original characters played by the Dicebreaker team. Read on to learn more about Video Producer Liv Kennedy’s alter ego Iris Walker - one of the four player characters featured on the show alongside Dungeon Master Michael ‘Wheels’ Whelan who created the world Storybreakers takes place in.

I’m over the moon to be able to introduce you to my new character for our brand new actual play series. Her name is Iris Walker and she is a photographic journalist with her ear to the ground and her eye on the prize.

Let’s start out with some information on her D&D character sheet. She’s currently sat at a level in rogue and a level in…something else…but when she eventually levels up she will be an Inquisitive Rogue, an absolutely ideal pick for the setting we find ourselves in. As for the multiclass I mentioned, you should be able to pick up on it a few episodes in and if you think you have an idea by the end of this article let us know. I can tell you that it has something to do with her fascination with unearthing the truth and that drive has bitten her in more ways than one.

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In terms of her personality, 25-year-old Iris is cool bordering on cold with those she doesn’t know and sometimes the same with those she does. This attitude is a learned behaviour as she has definitely been burned a few times in the past and doesn’t wish to wear her heart on her sleeve. This doesn’t mean that she is mean for the sake of it, she’s just jaded and guarded.

At the time the team meets in the first episode, Iris is used to working alone, having worked as an investigative journalist for a branch of the ONC, the Ognassi News Corporation, moonlighting as a private investigator. She has now been placed in the Ragrump office alongside the rest of the core cast because she pushed the boundaries more than she should have. However, she didn’t fight the decision to come to what many would consider to be a ‘backwater’ town, Ragrump was exactly where she needed to be at the time. Now that things are starting to get a little strange in this sleepy place, she knows she’s on the right track.

Iris’ proclivity for sneaking doesn’t just come from being born under the Rogue sign, she comes from a family in which sleight of hand, trickery and intimidation are prized and she was trained to be an expert in such things from a young age. However, her past is something she’s not proud of and she keeps it to herself as much as she can. ‘Walker’ might not even be her real surname.

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The name ‘Iris’ however, is one that she chose herself, some might call it her Virtue name, a name that reflects her destiny. An iris is of course immediately related to a camera, her constant companion as she walks the mean streets, but it’s also reminiscent of the iris of an eye, something that you can’t easily hide behind. Both reflect her constant search for answers.

Now that she has a new group of colleagues she’s a little worried that they might interrupt her investigation, except for Hunter Burrows played by Editor-In-Chief Matthew Jarvis who Iris has looked up to professionally for years. Will she be able to open herself up to the idea of collaborating with Maddie Cullen’s well-meaning Ranger Winona and Alex Meehan’s stuck-up Bard Caryaries? Only time will tell.

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