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Magic: The Gathering reveals Unfinity’s updated release date in Wingdings, of course

Cheeky wizards are the worst.

An anthropomorphic sheep greet guests to the space carnival that is the setting of Magic: The Gathering's Unfinity set, which just got a new release date of October 7th.
Image credit: April Prime/Wizards of the Coast

The indefinitely delayed Unfinity set for Magic: The Gathering has been spat out of whatever wormhole removed it from the 2022 release timeline and will now arrive on October 7th. Publisher Wizards of the Coast announced the news in a manner consistent with the historically meta and irreverent Un-series: with Wingdings font.

The next batch of silver-bordered cards– wait, scratch that: they’re Acorn cards, now – was originally slated for April 1st, aligning with the international day of staying off the internet but fell victim to the ongoing shipping and manufacturing crunch brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on global supply chains.

The fifth Un-set will be a full, draftable collection of cards with a retrofuture theme painted over an intergalactic carnival/circus setting. Like its predecessors, Unfinity will be chockablock with metatextual references, historical callbacks, extremely childish humour and a general levity with form that core MTG sets never really approach.

The 244 regular cards will be accompanied by 30 full-art lands, some of them spanning the five basic Mana lands and others reprints of the Ravnica shock lands, which trade extra utility for damaging their owner when they enter the battlefield.

Following Wizards of the Coast’s continued march towards a collectibility-focused game, Infinity will also be available in the expensive and undraftable Collectors Boosters. These will contain foil and alternate art treatment cards and are aimed squarely at those seeking rare and expensive singles versus playing the trading card game.

Wizards of the Coast has yet to detail the major keywords and mechanical themes of Unfinity, so keep checking Dicebreaker for more information as it becomes available.

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