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Conan adventure mode comes back to Kickstarter without Beyond the Monolith

After being initially cancelled by publisher.

The Kickstarter for the Conan adventure mode has been relaunched by its publisher, without the previously included Beyond the Monolith gameplay system.

A board game for two to five players, Conan has one player assuming the rule of the Overlord - whose goal is to prevent the heroes from completing their mission - whilst the others work together as Conan and his companions.

The hero characters are tasked with achieving certain objectives dependent upon the chosen scenario. During their turn, Conan and his companions can decide to either activate - meaning that they spend gems to perform certain actions such as fighting, defending, moving and so on - or rest. If a player chooses to perform an action then they can roll the number of dice equal to the gems they’ve spent, with each colour of dice corresponding to a certain kind of action.

The Overlord has access to a selection of warriors they can use to attack hero characters, with a board of slidable tiles representing the units available to them and their own pool of gems to spend. Each tile position costs a certain amount of gems to activate, enabling the Overlord to perform an action with the corresponding unit should they have paid the required price.

Conan’s new adventure mode comes in a hardcover book called the Tome of Skelos, which includes six new scenarios for heroes to play through, as well as a new set of rules that enable people to experience the game without a player-controlled Overlord - or even as a solo board game.

The Conan adventure mode was originally launched on Kickstarter alongside the publisher’s Beyond the Monolith project, which was a gameplay system design to be used with various board game universes such as Conan, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles and Zombicide. However, the Kickstarter was cancelled after just two days, with Conan designer, Fred Henry, citing the lack of backers as a sign that the project would likely not raise the funds they needed.

Conan is published by Monolith, the company behind Batman: Gotham City Chronicles and horror board game Claustrophobia 1643.

The Conan adventure mode expansion is on Kickstarter until March 2nd, with a pledge of €89 (around £75) getting copy of the Tome of Skelos as well as a Conan the Conqueror box - containing a selection of miniatures, maps and cards to use alongside the new scenarios.

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