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Bounce coins to bash foes in dexterity dungeon-crawling board game Dungeon Party

Shoot your loot.

Banish monsters, beat dungeons and bounce coins in a new party board game from the designer of Raccoon Tycoon called Dungeon Party.

In Dungeon Party players assume the roles of adventurers in pursuit of treasure who explore ‘rooms’ containing various dangers such as traps, monsters and curses. Despite needing to work together to face the dungeon’s many threats, players will also be looking to gather as much loot for themselves as possible.

A game for one to six players, Dungeon Party sees players assemble each encounter using coasters representing a chamber, an enemy and some loot, which they’ll then have to survive using their abilities as well as any magic spells and items they find along the way.

Fighting monsters involves attempting to bounce coins onto the corresponding coaster, with the aim to land the coin at least halfway on. Any damage dealt is based on whichever hero is attacking that turn as well as any special abilities they may have at their disposal.

Should a player miss then they’ll be forced to take damage until they successfully defeat the monster or lose all their hit points; the players fail the game if all the active heroes are knocked out. Whichever player dealt the killing blow receives a treasure token that they may choose to give to another or keep for themselves, with each token being worth a certain value.

If players manage to defeat every encounter in the dungeon then they beat the game, with the hero holding the highest total value of loot being named the ultimate winner.

Dungeon Party is designed by Glenn Drover and published by Forbidden Games, the company behind Raccoon Tycoon (which Drover designed), Railroad Rivals and Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates.

The game is currently up on Kickstarter until February 6th. A pledge of around £15 will get you a copy of Dungeon Party, estimated to arrive with backers sometime this September.

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