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Marvel United heads into the Spider-Verse with next expansion

Spider-Ham available as a Kickstarter exclusive.

Play as web shooters from multiple universes in Enter the Spider-Verse, the latest expansion for co-op board game Marvel United.

Enter the Spider-Verse is an expansion that brings various characters from Spider-Man to the upcoming board game. Similarly to recent animated film Into the Spider-Verse, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ Spider-Men (Spider-Mans?) make an appearance, along with Gwen Stacey and a new villain in the form of the Green Goblin. Spider-Ham is also available as a Kickstarter exclusive hero for the expansion.These characters can be mixed in with the superheroes and villains of the base game and other expansions.

Currently live on Kickstarter where it’s raised over £1.1 million to date, Marvel United has two to four players working together to defeat an iconic supervillain. Able to choose from a selection of classic superhero characters, players take turns to lay a card down within a circle - with each hero card laid before applying its effects to the current player.

For each set of hero turns, the villain is also able to lay down a masterplan card that can cause additional henchpeople and civilians to spawn, as well as do damage to the heroes. Should a hero character get knocked out on their turn or if the villain’s masterplan deck runs out, the players lose. However, reduce the villain’s health down to zero and the heroes successfully win the game.

A unique mechanic featured in the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion is the Secret Identity Challenge, which sees players place journalist tokens within locations connected to the heroes’ and villain’s starting locations. If players perform actions other than moving onto one of these locations then they gain an exposure token - if any player gains three of these, the next card they play must be placed facedown with no effect.

Players can choose to move the journalists to other locations by using a heroic action, with everyone needing to coordinate their moves around wherever the journalists happen to be placed.

Marvel United is published by CMON - the company behind horror board game Zombicide - and Spin Master Games, the company responsible for 5-Minute Dungeon.

The Kickstarter for Marvel United will run until March 5th and is set to ship sometime in March 2021, with the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion available for an additional $25 (£19).

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